Hifo & Braiden

Our Story.

LAX airport. La Sierra University. Enrollment Services. Mana's House. Genesis set-up crew. Mexico. San Diego. MAUI. La Sierra University Church. Christmas program December 7, 2007. Huntington Beach. Bonfires. Barbecues. Polynesian Club. Loma Linda University. HIM. Respiratory. Weddings. New Friends. Graduation. Work. WEDDING PLANNING!

Braiden and I met a week before freshman year at La Sierra University. I went with my cousins to pick up some boys from Hawaii - Braiden being one of them. Ever since we've been the best of friends. We've had many wonderful memories with you all and are so happy to share our story with you!

Our First Day as a COUPLE.

God blessed the broken road..that led me straight to you...
Our First Day as a COUPLE.

On December 7, 2007, La Sierra University was holding their annual Christmas program, at the La Sierra University church. Braiden and I were sophomores at the time and had already had feelings for each other.We were just too shy to tell each other. Braiden was my best friend at school, and I didn't want to loose him as a friend. But I had a feeling he liked me too. Well that night, our group of friends all went to the christmas program and we all sat in an aisle towards the back of the church...the place was filled. I still remember sitting right next to braiden, when he slipped his hand over mine and held it for the first time. I looked down and smiled, because it was then I knew that he was more than my best friend, he was going to be my boyfriend! I remember my brother whispering to me "if you hurt HIM, I'ma sock you". I just looked at him like "Really?!" but I was happy. I knew that I had a winner. Someone who not only I loved, but someone my family loved as well. We held hands the entire program, and after the last prayer, braiden looked over at me and said "so will you go out with me?". I smiled and said "I guess". lol. Best night of my life.

Our first day..as an ENGAGED COUPLE!

We're the perfect 2...I wanna marry U.
Our first day..as an ENGAGED COUPLE!

This had to be the BIGGEST surprise of my life!
Background info: Braiden had already come to my dad and asked him to marry me in June. We decided to get started on wedding planning asap, because we were choosing a venue that was 1. expensive. and 2. 3,000 miles away. By the time August came around, I had been bugging braiden already about proposing to me. I even told him that I'd by myself a ring if he didn't hurry up and propose lol.
Little did I know, he had went and bought my ring in AUGUST and was just waiting for the right weekend to propose.

So Braiden told me that he had wanted to go to the beach or something on Saturday, September 17th and then maybe dinner in the area. He told me he wanted to go to the Korean Bell in San Pedro and that we should take nice pictures, so I should wear something really cute. So the whole house jumped in our cars and headed out to San Pedro.

We get to the Korean bell and of course I'm complaining away...because it was SUPER windy! We start walking around looking for a good spot to take pictures. So Cecille tells Braiden and I to start posing for pictures, so we do. SIDENOTE: Earlier that day, the boys [Fana, Eric, Jesse] had been acting dumb and jumping into peoples pictures *aka PHOTOBOMBING*. So I hear people laughing behind us, so I turn around to yell at the boys for ruining our picture, and I see a sign that says:
"We're the perfect 2, I wanna marry u".
I turn back to braiden and he's starting to get on his knee. I see him opening a Ring box, with the PRETTIEST ring I've ever seen! from there, it was all a blur....Thank goodness Trina recorded it! lol

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