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The Divisoria wedding gown supplier hunting

June 16,2007 right after the Bridal fair

We only stayed at the fair in PICC until lunch time. I was able to meet Elaine and her hubby-to-be at Dencio's near PICC. We actually had a schedule to meet at PICC and will visit Divisoria to check the wedding gown shops we’ve got from the w@w egroup (posted by other bride-to-bes also). The first one we checked quoted my gown at 10K. Elaine had her gown and entire entourage quoted. We then moved to another shop that quoted my gown for 11K. At that moment I noticed that most wedding gowns displayed in the shops are all similar. And one saleslady on the second shop we visited told us that they really did let someone sew the gowns and not them. So we basically are talking to the tindera and not the sewer or the designer. At that moment I already felt going home and considering Santi in Cubao as my wedding designer. Because Santi is a new designer and he let his sewers sew the gowns. He quoted my gown for 20K which I find too expensive at that time. What I like in Divisoria particularly in Fiesta Mall was that they sold barongs at a lower price. Some barongs (jusi) cost P900 and the barong with a lining inside, as I remember the saleslady told me it was cocoon jusi? I forgot it already, hehe, that one costs 1500. And the barong itself is good enough to compare to other prestigious barong couture like Onesimus that costs P3000 and above. After the second shop we visit Anthony's shop, the "A&A". He is very accommodating and quoted my gown for 12000. He said he won’t be using duchess satin due to its weight. I forgot the cloth he will be using but it sounded like Australian something hehe. Well I'm not an expert on clothes (tela). But among the three shops we visited, I liked Anthony.

We went also to Tutuban cluster II bldg and visited "Motifs and Styles" of Mayette. Definitely I like her the moment we talked. She is a designer thank God. And you wont be seeing so many wedding gown displayed in her shop just some gowns for bridesmaid and one gown for the bride. She quoted my gown for 15K using duchess satin or Micado which I did found out later that Micado cost 4K per yard if we talk about the original Micado. So there is a fake Micado cloth that really cost cheaper. Someone told me that the fake Micado is as stiff as paper (bond paper).

We at that time, I am sure I will book Mayette but not now, I will go back by Aug before September starts. She only requires me to pay 3000 for down payment so that she can buy the cloth she will be needed for my gown to avoid inflation especially on the month of BER. And my gown wont be 15K already by 2008 if I wont pay the DP before sept.(inflation rate nga naman)

I told them that I'll be back.


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