Frederick & Nadia

The Baguio supplier hunting adventures (June 5-8)

Fred and I filled a 2-day leave of absence at work. Due to time constraint, we created an itinerary for the 4 day visit in Baguio.

Thursday (June 5)
My mom came with us and check Baguio Palace hotel and Prince Plaza hotel. I don't like the place. These hotels are only good for birthdays, debuts, christenings and other event but not for the wedding. My opinion only. We also visited Genesis (photo/video shop) at Abanao Square that was we once visited last holy week but I  still I like Ariel Javelosa.
We went also to one bridal shop in Mabini St. near Country Mart. The gowns are nice and almost perfectly sewn but expensive. We then visited Mary Grace Shop at Marbay (2nd level). The owner of the shop is a friend of Fred's mom and our ninang also in the wedding. The cost of first hand rent for bridesmaid gown is 800 using two-tone cloth and the color is maroon not red wine which is our motiff because she said there is no red wine color for a two-tone. Well its OK with me. The barongs also cost 200 for rent. Those barongs i saw in divisoria that cost 900 is only 200 if we only rent it which is OK already. The guys will only be worrying their slacks and shoes. The flower girls gown first hand rent is 500 and 1500 for moms (samin na ung gown nila mama at mama ni fred).
We ended not getting her service for bridesmaid and flower girls gown because I met Tina Lirag later. We will only be renting the barongs for guys. She will also let me borrow her mannequin for my wedding gown. Thanks Ninang great help talaga.

Friday (July 6)
before lunch we went to Affairs et al (wedding coordinator). I will definitely need an on the day wedding coordinator for I can't monitor the on the day task already. So let the coordinator administer the entire preparation for that day. They will be the one to assure that the wedding will go smoothly and fewer flaws. Ms. Anna Tabora is very accommodating and she even give us the number of one of the best photographer in Baguio. Wevisited him later that day. But still we love Ariel Javelosa's work after seeing some sample albums of Ric Maniquis. Arte ko noh! hehehe. I also told her that we will be checking Baguio country club, hotel Elizabeth and hotel supreme. She said, "Just look for the star. Hotel Supreme is 3-star hotel, Hotel Elizabeth is 4-star hotel and Baguio country club is 5-star hotel." I got her point.

We went to Baguio country club after lunch. I was informed that they can lower the package if I won’t be availing some inclusions on the package like bridal shower, cakes, shuttle, ice carvings and others. But we ended up getting their package because I asked Jonathan (AE) how much they will less if I won’t be getting bridal shower, ice carvings and the shuttle from church to venue. He said only 5K. He let me check their ballroom area. And I was amused. The place is so nice. My friend even asked me after I went back to Olongapo if the ballroom is carpeted. I told her I don't know. I didn't notice it. hahaha.. I think due to my reaction at that time I wasn't able to check the carpet. I told Jonathan that we will text him if we will get them because we are still checking Hotel Elizabeth in Gibraltar (near mines view)

From Baguio Country club, we directly went to Hotel Elizabeth and met Jessica. We've been contacting her few months back. And already asked all the things we need to know about their wedding package. We just want to see the place. Jessica also was very nice. And she even let us avail their old package even though they already increased their rate. The reason is when I emailed her about their package it was still the old rate. Ang Bait nya. What made me decide not to get them was the venue. The venue where the wedding is supposed to be held is the same location of their restaurant and bar. They will just turn it into a wedding reception area later. The venue is connected to the lobby. Hotel guest of easily peak and go inside your wedding for the barrier between the lobby and the venue is just a wood divider that is almost 6 feet high. No privacy. And Jessica said that there are cases that two weddings will be held on the same day same hour. Waaaa.. the sound from my venue and the sound from the other side of lobby which is also the venue of the other wedding will mixed.. ay gulo gulo na to.. Meaning you don’t have the privacy in your wedding. The larger hall will be finished by Nov this year that can accommodate 300-500 guest but they wont let us use it aalog lang daw kami. We also checked the bridal suit, not to large for bridal preps. Imagine how many people will be there at the wedding day dressing us (me and H2b) including our families, coordinator, photographer and videographer.

So we decided to go back in Baguio country club tomorrow. We did not visit Hotel Supreme because someone told me before that the food is not good already. Just recently the food is not OK. Maybe they change the chef.

Saturday (July 7)
With my mom, and sister we booked Baguio country club.

Sunday (July 8)
we attended my best friend’s baby Christening and travel back to Olongapo
in the afternoon.


hello dear, i've tried contacting Baguio Country Club but it seems that the no. has changed. We're in Manila and we'd like to book them for our reception. Would you kindly send us the price/quotation please? Thank you very much.


thanks for the insights its very helpful as you're giving ideas on how much it cost etc..etc.. but I would like to know the package rate you got from Baguio Country Club as you didn't mention it in your blog if you don't mind forwarding it to me. It would be a great help getting frustrated as I don't have anyone in Baguio to help me out with upcoming event am just relaying on the net trying to get their pricing and stuff. Thank you and hope to hear from you. - Jess -

hi,im also planning to go with baguio counrty club for my wed in 6 months time. may i know how much did it cost you for the package? thanks a lot.

hi, magkano sa country club package? ty.

Hi...we're planning to get married early next year and im happy to know some wedding supplier in baguio from you. I just wanna know where to find Ms. Ana Tabora and Ariel Javelosa?do you have any contact numbers of them?thank you and more power

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