Browse Beach Honeymoon Packages & Resorts

Does your idea of a dream honeymoon involve icy cocktails, sundrenched beaches and an ocean view? Or do you want to experience tropical adventure by hiking through rainforests to secluded white sand beaches and stunning waterfalls? Either way, it sounds like a beach honeymoon is exactly what you need after all of those months you spent planning your wedding. Enjoy your first weeks of married life at an all-inclusive resort filled with spa amenities, boutique hotel full of lovely details, or a luxury hotel with a swanky restaurant right in the lobby. Whether you book a package or plan each part of your honeymoon on your own, we can help. Please check out our honeymoon travel advice pages!

Our Favorite Beach Destinations

  • Caribbean


    Go for a quiet stay on the beach or experience the culture, entertainment & outdoor adventures.

  • Key West

    Key West

    Explore its forests, wetlands and miles of crystal clear waters with vibrant marine life.

  • Hawaii


    Explore the Hawaiian Islands’ sandy beaches, lava flows, wild coastlines and nightlife.

  • San Diego

    San Diego

    Escape to San Diego, where the laid-back culture and outdoor activities won't fail to keep you entertained.

  • Santa Monica

    Santa Monica

    Whether you're soaking up sun rays, riding the ferris wheel on the pier or filling up on fresh fare, we know you will fall in love with Santa Monica.

  • Greece


    Take in the gorgeous landscapes and the ancient cities of this Mediterranean paradise.