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No matter where you are in the world, there are castles for hire just waiting for you and your Prince Charming to conclude your fairytale wedding with an equally enchanting castle honeymoon. The romance of these properties is exceptional and indisputable. Deeply engrained in history and surrounded by spectacular landscapes, these majestic structures offer the perfect ambience for the romantic getaway of your dreams. Here’s why:

Castles Exist All Over The World
Although England and Scotland possess many of the world’s most prominent castles, countries worldwide boast a fair share of these wonders, each varying in historical roots and architectural design. For example, one can bask in the splendor and old-world feel of France’s Hattonchatel Chateau, which is available for events, overnight stays, and fine dining. Just 70 miles from Lisbon, Portugal resides the magnificent Pousada do Castelo, a stunning castle located in the town that the King of Portugal once presented to his wife as a gift. Talk about romantic!

They Make The Most Romantic Honeymoons
For the ultimate happy ending to your once-upon-a-time wedding, is there no better venue than booking your honeymoon at a castle? The Thornbury Castle in England personifies the storied histories that these properties hold. Henry VIII once walked the same halls with Anne Boleyn here.

Is your heart set on a royally romantic escape? Read on to find out how you can turn your fairytale fantasy into a reality with a castle honeymoon.

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