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Despite its initial sleepy fishing town appearance, Marbella is actually one of the most chic resort towns in southern Spain. Popular with aristocrats and celebrities alike, a honeymoon in Marbella is a great choice. Enjoy the fountains and sidewalk cafes of Old Town Marbella, a section of the city inside ancient walls that has looked largely the same since the 16th century. Dine on traditional seafood dishes or international cuisine, and shop for anything from local handmade crafts to upscale designer items. Golfing and boating are popular activities in Marbella, along with snorkeling and other watersports. And it doesn’t get much better than relaxing on the multitude of golden sandy beaches on the Mediterranean Sea! No matter how you choose to spend your romantic getaway, Marbella, Spain honeymoon packages will help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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  • Honeymoon Planning Advice

    Honeymoon Planning Advice

    Planning the ultimate vacation like your dream honeymoon shouldn’t be stressful. Let us help you with all of the details that go into arranging your honeymoon. We can offer advice on how to set up honeymoon registries instead of traditional gift registries, save money, and plan a vacation that both of you will love! From honeymoon excursions to registry etiquette, we will help you plan your honeymoon.

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  • Honeymoon Travel Advice

    Honeymoon Travel Advice

    Don't be overwhelmed with travel details for your honeymoon. Learn more about ways to streamline your traveling planning. Be prepared to travel, whether it be for an hour in the car or a ten hour flight. Get information about what travel books are best for you and the activities you both enjoy. Let us help prepare you for your honeymoon travel so that this can be the most romantic and least stressful vacation of your lives!

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