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Pretoria is a beautiful, laid-back city, and an excellent honeymoon destination. Purple Jacaranda trees and majestic buildings line the streets, and there are plenty of activities for you and your loved one to enjoy. Despite the sleepy-town reputation, Pretoria has a progressive art scene and fun, energetic nightlife. During the day, visit historic sites such as the Kruger House Museum, the Voortrekker Monument, and the Union Buildings. The Botanical Gardens and the Pretoria Zoo, rated among the top 10 zoos in the world, are a must-see. Ride a steam train around the city for scenic views, go backpacking, or tour a nearby wildlife reserve. Plan a honeymoon in Pretoria for the perfect combination of relaxing and exotic to start your new life together.

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  • Honeymoon in Pretoria

    Honeymoon in Pretoria

    With a tourism slogan like, 'Love This City,' you’d better believe that as a honeymoon destination, Pretoria is one of the best in South Africa, not to mention the world. With a unique collection of attractions and accommodations, you can enjoy the wildlife, nature, and overall vibe of the city in as many ways as you can possibly imagine.

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  • Honeymoon Travel Advice

    Honeymoon Travel Advice

    Don't be overwhelmed with travel details for your honeymoon. Learn more about ways to streamline your traveling planning. Be prepared to travel, whether it be for an hour in the car or a ten hour flight. Get information about what travel books are best for you and the activities you both enjoy. Let us help prepare you for your honeymoon travel so that this can be the most romantic and least stressful vacation of your lives!

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