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With so many breathtaking sights and a history seemingly as ancient as earth itself, it’s no wonder that numerous couples book hotels in Santorini prior to the date of their Greek honeymoon to ensure that they won’t miss out on this Mediterranean paradise. Shaped by arguably the largest volcanic eruption in history, the unspeakably gorgeous landscape of Santorini has greatly contributed to its 2011 title as the “World’s Best Island” according to Travel and Leisure magazine. Once known as the Round One (“Strongili”), an enormous volcanic blast sunk the center of the island, forming a deep caldera filled with serene blue water and surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs and unusual rock formations. The most dramatic sunsets can be viewed from all points on the main island of Santorini as well as from its smaller sister islands, where couples often choose to tie the knot outdoors as the sun paints the horizon in a brilliant array of colors. Nestled throughout this unique terrain are beautiful monasteries, cave houses built right into the volcanic rock, and traditional villages with bright white Cycladic houses situated on narrow cobbled streets. Tours of neighboring islands, mysterious caves, and ancient cities alluding to the legends of Atlantis give couples the opportunity to soak up a great deal of history and culture once they finish soaking up the sun on unspoiled black or red sand beaches. For the couple seeking beautiful sights 24/7 and a one-of-a-kind island honeymoon experience, Santorini is a dream come true.

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