Ilia & Michelle


Auntie Yvette

Jul 21, 2010

Hi, Michelle and Ilia,
I'm so tickled for the two of you! I wish you the best life has to offer, coupled with many exciting adventures and lovely surprises. I'm looking forward to your big day.

Yulia Kaminsky

Apr 16, 2010

Hi Ilyusha and Michelle,very happy for you, and looking forward to meet Michelle, and see the family again! The only reason I cannot confirm that we are coming at this moment is because Vlad's sister Katia is going to get married in October too, and we don't know the date yet. But I hope there will be no date conflict. Hugs, Yulia, the second cousin


Apr 7, 2010

Jost read your ENTIRE site. Loved the wedding party bios. So excited about the wedding now!!!

Krista and Eric Hanson

Apr 4, 2010

I'm so happy for you and look forward to the day!

Tim and Diana

Mar 28, 2010

WE LOVE YOUR SITE! We are thrilled for your next adventure and what you wrote about everyone is so touching and lovely.