Michelle & Jack


Michelle & Jack

It's the wedding that everyone is talking about!

With prices continually rising and tax now being slapped on everything from pasty's to poppadoms the cost of organising a wedding can be astronomical.

After Michelle lost her dream job last year as a motorsports reporter and Jack's work in the building trade started to slow down, their dream of a big fairytale wedding started to fade..

But after a trip to the USA last year, they witnessed Americans getting their weddings sponsored as the norm ... Anything that happens in the States always comes here eventually so they thought why not do their own British version - A BIG FAT SPONSORED WEDDING!

Some call it genius, some call it tacky, but whatever your views, you're here, at our site and reading about it along with the thousands of others! Maybe you just wished you thought of it first!

With twelve years' experience in public relations, sponsorship acquisition and four years as a reporter for one of the largest newspapers in Britain - We decided to channel Michelle's experience, charm and cheek to put on the biggest and best big fat sponsored wedding this country has seen and one that everyone is talking about!

Using only the best and unique home-grown suppliers - our goal was to put on a magical wedding that showcased the best UK companies by donating their services in exchange for huge publicity that is driven towards this site by Michelle's marketing expertise and contacts - not logos plastered over the brides dress!

Placing ourselves firmly into the twenty first century, we also have our very own iPhone app where our sponsors can directly upload pictures and snaps in the preparations leading up to the big day!

With thousands of hits already on this site, the suppliers we have chosen are not only unique and at the top of their game, they are all professionals and most importantly friendly and a pleasure to work with.

In this day and age, customer service is often forgotten, but what every couple must consider when choosing suppliers and vendors, is that dealing with people who will do anything to help (and are polite to boot!) will turn your day from special to magical.

We have sourced, what we believe to be arguably the best vendors in the country, and if you choose to use any of these suppliers for your wedding or function and mention www.mybigfatsponsoredwedding.com they promise to do you a great deal for your big day.

Our wedding aims to inspire other brides, pass on great offers, whilst showcasing our sponsors to expose their businesses to the masses and have brides-to-be queuing at their door.

We used Keech Hospice lottery favours to go towards helping Keech Hospice Care run its adult and children’s hospices and hopefully raise awareness for the hospice and encourage other brides to use their favours.

See our beautiful highlights video from Electra Films below - you can find them under the WOW!! Factor!

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