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The Wedding: Blessed John Paul II Parish (c/o Holy Family Chapel)

The Wedding: Blessed John Paul II Parish (c/o Holy Family Chapel)

Orchard Rd. Corner Richmond Rd. Eastwood City

Libis, Quezon City

(02) 219 2614

The Blessed John Paul II Parish used to be known as The Holy Family Chapel. It being a chapel, weddings were not allowed then. But lucky us, just last month (January 2012) they officially became a parish and is now known as Blessed John Paul II Parish. This means, we can now get married there!

Jai and I chose this parish for practical and sentimental reasons. Practical for its close proximity to our homes in Marikina. Sentimental since we met each other in Eastwood and have spent a lot of our time there.

We initially reserved November 30. But later on, I realized that December 8 is a better option - following the well-known belief of the infinity sign being a sign of good luck for the couple as well as that day being Immaculate Concepcion and a Saturday too!

Last January 27, we went to the parish to check on the availability for Dec 8. There were already 4 couples reserved for that date in the afternoon. Good thing Jai asked if anyone booked for the morning. Since no one thought of that yet, the morning was wide open for us! So we reserved the date and time right then and there!

The Reception: The Glass Garden

The Reception: The Glass Garden

257 Evangelista St. Corner Pasco Ave., Santolan

Pasig City

(02) 646 5323

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We wanted to make it very convenient for our guests to transfer from the church to our reception venue.

An obvious option was Richmond which is within Eastwood and just a stones throw away from the church. But we found the package too impractical - too expensive for the service and food that is being offered.

Our next option was to hold our reception at a clubouse in the vicinity. The first choice was Acropolis then Greenmeadows. Unfortunately, both clubhouses were already booked on Dec 8!

Knowing that our chosen date is considered a "hot date", I was already feeling a bit anxious & desperate. We searched & considered many venues within the area: Circulo Verde, Corinthian's Clubhouse, The Loft@ Manansala, Kapitan Moy, Renaissance Center, Fully Booked "Topshelf", Endramada Events, Arts in the City, Alta Guia, Discovery Suites, The Grove, The Glass Garden, Decagon, Crowne Plaza. Finally, we narrowed down our options to just two: The Grove and Glass Garden.

We chose The Glass Garden for its space, proximity to the church and convenient wedding package. I was a bit hesitant at first though since I knew that the Glass Garden was a popular venue and they might be already fully booked for December. But Thank God our wedding was in the morning coz The Glass Garden was totally available (both gardens) on Dec 8...and just like that on February 5, we had a reception venue!

Just follow the yellow brick road.....

Just follow the yellow brick road.....