Heather & Jon

Many thanks...

Anything we say here won't nearly match the gratitude we feel towards those mentioned...

First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge our families, for a lifetime of love and support.

Beyond that, we would also like mention some key people helping us put together a fabulous party and memorable wedding:

Eric "Crash" Carroll


Who has generously donated his time and skills to bring you your evening's entertainment as our DJ & MC at the reception.

Matt Payne

Matt Payne

Our "engagement" photographer. We're very excited to be flying Matt out to San Francisco to shoot our engagement photos around our beloved and beautiful City by the Bay.

(As one of those people who is usually taking the pictures rather than being in the pictures, I had to "borrow" this one from his Facebook page. Hope you don't mind, Matt...)

Neil Podoll

Neil Podoll

Our wedding photographer. Neil is a friend of Heather's from college. We're excited to have his great eye shooting our wedding (and providing an opportunity for Matt to act as our guest during our wedding rather than working ;-) )

Current REI members, the most recent dividend mailer features one of Neil's photos from a backpacking trip in Alaska :-)


(tried to find a good picture of Neil to post here, but he's usually the one taking the pictures. This is the best I could do from a recent-ish trip down to Patagonia...)

Shana Golden

Shana Golden

Shana will be acting as our "day of" coordinator, making sure all things & people are in their place for the ceremony and reception while we are off getting ready and having pictures taken. We are forever grateful to Shana for happily stepping into this role and couldn't think of a better person to trust our last minute details to.

(On a side note, she will probably be looking for a few helping hands Sunday afternoon to place flowers and help tie up any other loose ends, should anyone be interested...)