Heather & Jon


Registries are finally up!

Over the years, we have already put together quite an extensive kitchen (but can always come up with new additions...wine glasses keep leaping to their death from our counter and our blender smells like ozone every time we fire it up lately :-/)

And even though we have most camping needs already covered, we can usually find things we'd like to add, so REI made the cut.

What we don't have are the funds to support our travel desires.

We have our hearts set on an epic honeymoon (a month in Europe or sailing on a Semester at Sea voyage as "lifelong learners"). If you would like to help us reach this goal, a complete list of what we're wanting to do and what donations we're looking for can be found at www.Honeyfund.com)

If you are wanting to give something more solid, and you aren't mailing it through the USPS (and please note, we do ask that you mail all gifts since the wedding is in Colorado but we live in San Francisco), please send it to Jon's work (we have a locked gate between the sidewalk and our stairwell & front door that only the USPS has access to). Please contact us for that address. All registries are set to mail to Jon's work address and REI orders can be sent directly to the REI store in San Francisco (it's conveniently right next door to Jon's work!).