Jasper & Mila

Our JourNEY for Wedding StuFFs

We'd like to share our journey to search all of the wedding stuff's related.
Though it may not everything can be listed down in here, but hopefully we can share abit of our stories to you :)

Enjoy reading :D

our ROM day

Finally.... it's the day for our ROM. During the ROM preparation, a lot of things has happened. I could feel the helps during last minute preparation. At first, i appoint Kenny to be our MC. He has a very good mandarin and english. But unfortunately, he must go back to Penang during that weekend. While some of my guests were not able to make it as well. . Few of them had family vacation plans, office duty etc. It's really a big disappointment for me though at the end, i could realize that...


Photo Shoots at Kuching (13th of September 2009)

Today, me, Ney, Ney's mom and A Chen are having the bfast at famous kwe tiauw. But me and Ney ordered Kolo mee. I tried teh si peng 4 layers... Very nice.... After that we go to Ney's auntie place to ask her advices about the things have to be prepared for customary marriage in the morning. Her son just had the wedding in January, so still quite remember about the things that need to be prepared. We go to 688, and having lunch at there. This shop is 2 storied...

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Photo Shoots at Kuching (12th of September 2009)

Today we wake up not so early cos too tired of the full activities yesterday. We went to Kenyalang market and have bfast at there. Ney ordered vegetarian noodle and i ordered teh si peng. Just feel like no mood to eat hehehehehe... Then we directly go to Philip's bridal house. It was 10.30 and picked the gowns that i liked... Not so much choice though... The changing room is just so cold because the air-con is really direct and swing to me. Some of the things are not as offered....


Photo shoots at Kuching (11th of Sep 09)

Finally we re going to Kuching to settle the wedding stuffs and Photoshoots with Philip. On the day before, my friends have gathered to discuss about their plan in Kuching during that trip of attend our wedding dinner. Therefore, they need some of the informations regarding the hotel, transportation and etc.
On 11th of September, we are departing from Johor Bahru (Senai International airport) by airasia. The flight itself is at 12.35. And early morning we still have to pack...


Prewedding picture journey (Day 3) -10th of May 2009

Yeah, finally today is the day :) before this photoshoot, i cant drink much water, have to wash my hair and came to bridal shop without make up. Before that, we take the bfast at hotel at 8.00 (directly when the cafetaria is open) We reach at bridal shop around 8.30. The make up artist is Monica. She directly apply my nailpolish, and done my make up. At bridal shop entrace, they put the announcement as below. Quite cute and very nice details :) My ney still take picture while Monica...


Prewedding picture journey (Day 2) -9th of May 2009

Finally we really in Taipei... we took bfast in the hotellll..... Oh my, every day for 5 days we take the same veggie... still very fresh in my mind about the sitting location there. After we took the bfast, we decided to go to Taipei 101 first. Thanks ney for the idea :) We took MRT to Taipei City Hall then took the free shuttle bus to go there. The entrance for each person is 900NT. View of Taipei from Taipei 101 building. We went to 89th floor as the highest floor that we can go...


Prewedding picture journey (Day 1) -8th of May 2009

My heart feel so excited to write about this. We went to taiwan on 8th - 13th of May 2009. We were flying using jetstar at 2.30 flight. I still had a meeting which is end at 11.00am. Feel so excited... My colleague, Sunny, is from Taiwan. I seek her help to have more informations about Taiwan. So nice of her, she gave really a lot of helpful informations :) Thanks Sunny :D Then, i took taxi to go airport.... feel sooooo happy... My ney took mrt to go there. Then i bought the burger king...


Wedding venue search at Kuching (Day 2)

Early Morning at Kuching, we have the bfast at Kenyalang market. Jasper ate the vegetarian food while i ate the


Wedding venue search at Kuching (Day 1)

Finally we come again to Kuching. Travel by Tiger Airways, we nearly missed out the flight. Ho ho..... cos of the new laptop that we bought at Suntec but being served by very slow motion gal trainee... Rush back to home and took our things.  Near at budget terminal (Enjoy the differences ;P), i said to ney... "you pay the taxi... i alight first to check in earlier". i saw that no more counter opened for Kuching destination.... Walamaaakk... how???  i found a gal still...

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Jakarta Day 3

Today, We want to focus on venue search again... The trip begins on.... Rose garden International At 1st, i thought it's located in hotel building. But then, i just realized, it's in the same building with MySPSSolution (Vero brother's office). The restaurant is located on 3rd floor with short distance between the lift and entrance door (One of the concern). The restaurant is quite high end with big glass windows. After we chat with Pak Mul, the marketing person in charge, we decided to...