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our ROM day

Finally.... it's the day for our ROM.

During the ROM preparation, a lot of things has happened.
I could feel the helps during last minute preparation.

At first, i appoint Kenny to be our MC. He has a very good mandarin and english. But unfortunately, he must go back to Penang during that weekend.

While some of my guests were not able to make it as well. . Few of them had family vacation plans, office duty etc. It's really a big disappointment for me though at the end, i could realize that my true bestfriends did try very hard to help.

After Kenny couldnt be my MC, I appointed Vincent. At the end, he informed me on Friday morning that he was sick so he couldnt be my MC. I was so crazily panick. Fortunately, Lin Ker, Jason and Jonas agreed to become our MC. They were so busy to do research of the script. While Lin Ker and Jonas will give a speech in English, and Jason will give a speech in Mandarin.

Kok Yoong did help for the decorations on the table. Tracy did help for sound system and song & slideshow presentation. Richard did great help to took pictures.

Night before ROM (11th of December), me & ney went to Bridal shop to tried on our suits. After that, we had dinner at korean food in Chinatown. After we went back from Chinatown, we saw Chrysler taxi. We runned to catch that taxi. But we were unable to hop into that taxi. Finally, we took a mercedes taxi.

When on the way, we did ask the driver if he could fetch us tomorrow morning. The booking fee will be $5, while for Chrysler taxi will be $10. So in midnight, we informed him that we choose the Chrysler taxi.

In morning, we went to the bridal shop at 7.45. During on the way to go there, ney was so quiet... then suddenly he said to the taxi driver "Sir, I will getting married today".
The taxi driver was stunned and ask again "sorry?"
Ney said again "I will getting married today"

At there, Caroline served us. She was so friendly.. and stella&sandy came to do the video shooting for our wedding. We completed the make up, earlier than we expected. So, we take our own sweet time to wait for the taxi driver to fetch us.then took pictures

in front of the bridal (it's not our car) hehehhee

After that, the taxi driver finally came and fetch us. It was so great... When we nearly came to Pioneer Spring, we called to Jin Kiat (one of our photographers). He came to take pictures of us.
the taxi driver was so kind. He stopped his car so that we can take pictures with the car as well.

When i came to the place, we met Mr Chia as well.While the team still preparing the things.

Then we started the ROM on 10.40am.

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