Andy & Jennie

The All-Star Wedding Party

Question posed to the Wedding Party: If you had to pick a celebrity who would be most compatible with Jennie/Andy, who would it be and why?

Aeby K. Lozada

Maid of Honor

Answer: Christian Louboutin. For a person who has a shoe obsession like Jennie - it would never hurt to be BFF's with Christian!

Kyu Dong Yu

Best Man

Answer: Tiger Woods because once you put a red shirt and a black hat on Andy, it's tee-time!

Jane Vu


Answer: I would pick Michelle Obama for Jennie because they are both determined, strong-willed, hardworking, and have a wonderful husband/soon-to-be-husband.

Randy Park


Answer: I would say Jerry Buss for Andy because they both like the Lakers and playing poker.

Tracy Weng


Answer: Natalie Portman because she's easy-going, loves animals, and has great fashion sense. She's not only talented, but also incredibly smart and driven, just like Jennie!

David Ahn


Answer: Charlie Sheen because Andy = Tigers Woods, and they could exchange stories and women.

Christine Yue


Answer: ...still thinking.

Jonathan Fong


Answer: I can totally see Andy playing nice with Tiger Woods. They are both very competitive and oddly similar in appearance.

Alina Wilson


Answer: Angelina Jolie.

Hamilton Chen


Answer: Meryl Streep. Andy likes them mature and ripe.

Elizabeth Lam


Answer: I racked my brain and couldn't think of anything since compatible would deal with personality and we don't know how celebrities are really like. Given the constraints, I'll pick either David Beckham or Ryan Reynolds, decent looking guys with hot bods. :)

Brian Perkins


Answer: I would have to say Hunter S. Thompson. They both love Vegas; Hunter would be the yang, and Andy would be the yin (or maybe the other way around!) Actually, to make it more family friendly, I’ll change it to Donald Trump so they could plan taking over the world’s real estate together.