Nina & Jeremy

Welcome to the best wedding website ever

Nina & Jeremy

Our wedding date: May 24, 2009



Welcome to our wedding website, equipped to provide minutes of entertainment along with boring stuff like driving directions. (hint: don't turn left. no, seriously. don't.) We're very excited about sharing our special day with you, assuming you're invited. We'll be accepting applications shortly. Good luck.


Congratulations. You have somehow managed to get on the Internet and find this web site. Yes, that's right -- you're on the Internet! I know, we're shocked too. No, no one is spying on you from inside the screen. And you can't get a virus just by looking at pictures of us. Not that we have viruses. No, that's not what I meant.

We know you've never met [SELECT THE APPROPRIATE CHOICE: NINA / JEREMY], and the last time we saw you was at [A BAR/BAT MITZVAH / A FUNERAL], and we probably won't recognize you due to your [RECENT ILLNESS / GENERAL CHANGES DUE TO THE AGING PROCESS], but we are nevertheless still excited to have you join us on our special day.*

*barring unforeseen medical-related circumstances


Thank you for caring about us enough to type our names into in order to find our website. If you're contemplating anything silly, please be aware there will be appropriate security at the wedding ceremony.

If you are a single acquaintance wasting time between profile browsing on, we hope our love inspires you to continue the search.

If you are a past acquaintance merely curious about what either of us is up to, congratulations: you've actually found something better than an outdated Friendster page. You know, if you're thinking about us enough to run a Google search, it's not too late to make the effort to become a bigger part of our lives. Assuming we like you, it could be fun to reconnect. And you never know -- it might not be too late to get on the wedding list, depending on how many people can't make it!


Wow. You must be really bored. If you're desperate, there's some addictive flash games over at One of us likes Funky Truck. The other one likes actually doing something productive with her day.

Looking forward in most cases to seeing you soon,

Nina and Jeremy

EDITOR'S NOTE: The picture at the top of the page, while it is from a wedding, is not from OUR wedding, because that would require the ability to travel time. We apologize for any confusion.