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Wedding Events

Here are the events our guests will get to enjoy in the weeks and months leading up to our wedding, as well as on the wedding day itself.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Web Page Launch

This is meta, isn't it? A listing for what is actually going on right now, as you read this? Welcome to the events page on our wedding website. Below are all the things we're going to do to prepare for the wedding, and then way at the bottom of the page (we apologize for the need to scroll) are the things you get to come join us for. By the time you finish reading, it'll be time for the wedding! Enjoy your journey through wedding planning past, present, and future!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Save-The-Date Magnet Mailing

Enjoy being reminded of our wedding every time you open your refrigerator to get something to eat. Should you really be eating that if you want to fit into that dress? Or that suit? Or those shoes? How come people's feet don't get bigger if they gain weight? Or do they? Are there people who need to buy shoes in a bunch of different sizes because sometimes their feet get fat? Like after holidays and stuff? These are the kinds of things you can think about every time you see our save the date magnet on your fridge -- every day for the next six months! And, no, our save the date magnet will (probably) not have a picture of Martin Luther King on it (unless Nina decides to marry him), but it was either this or the save the date magnet for the Illinois Tax Conference 2007 (or, we mean, four million google images of other people's real wedding save the date magnets, and we didn't want to put a picture of those), and that one didn't have a photo.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Yay! It's the year of Nina and Jeremy's wedding! That means it's time to celebrate!

It's also the year of:

*The Republic of Ireland banning the use of incandescent light bulbs

*The 100th anniversary of the death of Geronimo

*Slovakia adopting the Euro as the nation's official currency

*The end of the Swedish pharmacy monopoly

*British humanitarian Nicholas Winton celebrating his 100th birthday

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cake Tasting

Don't you hate when wedding cakes suck? We do too! But, as we write this, we have no idea if there are even any wedding cakes out there that don't suck! That's why we plan on tasting some, and making a choice that fits our own tastes in the hope that it will fit yours too! Like chocolate? Maybe we do, maybe we don't. Vanilla? Again, you'll just have to wait and see. Maybe a lemon cake. Maybe we'll get a cake that looks like chocolate, but is actually dirt. They did that in a book one of us used to read when we were a child. I think it was Mr. Greedy. They made him a cake out of dirt and toothpaste (instead of frosting) to teach him a lesson about eating too much. Those Mr. books were awesome. Mr. Tickle, with the long arms. Mr. Fussy. Mr. Nosey. Mr. Skinny, who ate a corn flake and half a raisin for dinner. That's going to be the wedding meal, actually. Corn flakes and half-raisins for everyone. Still the caterer charges $80/person though. Something to do with setup fees and the labor involved in cutting raisins. We don't really understand the pricing on any of these wedding things. Everything costs twelve times more than it should. Except this web page. It's free! That's why we're having the wedding on a web page too! Just kidding. Maybe.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Invitation Stampathon

Jeremy's grandparents used to sell stamps for a living. They had a store, and then they sold the store and just did mail-order sales and auctions from home. What's interesting about stamps is that sometimes they're worth less as collectibles than the face value on the stamp, and sometimes, if you're in the stamp business, you end up with a whole heap of stamps that, as collectibles, are worthless -- and so you paid very little for them -- but as postage, they're actually worth something, and you can save money by using old stamps as postage instead of paying full face value for new stamps. Whenever his grandparents were sending out a new catalog, Jeremy remembers sitting at their dining room table with a box of assorted old postage -- 3 cent stamps, 7 cent stamps, 11 cent stamps, etc -- and helping out for a few hours, putting the right number of stamps on each catalog to add up to the bulk catalog rate, which was probably something like 60 or 70 cents at the time. So it might have been four eleven-cent stamps and two eights, if the catalog needed 60 cents. And then you'd run out of 8's and have to re-calculate -- five nines and a fifteen. Or sometimes, just for fun, thirty two's, pasted all over the catalog, wherever they'd fit.

And when your grandparents are stamp dealers, and buying all this postage below cost, you get to use it at home too. I went to college with an envelope full of three-cent, eight-cent, twelve-cent, nineteen-cent stamps, for the three pieces of mail I'd send every year. It really wasn't until college -- and hearing about people going to the post office to "buy stamps" -- that Jeremy realized not everyone had an envelope of random bulk postage, and not everyone was using four eight-cent 1972 "Fight Against Polio" stamps to mail their phone bill.

What's the point of this story? Oh, yes, the point is that even though we probably won't be using twenty-seven four-cent stamps to mail your invitations (like Jeremy did for his bar mitzvah), Jeremy kind of misses sitting at his grandparents' dining room table and adding up combinations to get to 60 cents, licking all those stamps, and watching the stamped catalogs pile up in the corner.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jeremy's Reluctant Haircut

"It's not that long. No, with some product it'll be fine. It's barely covering my ears and isn't really all that curly in the front yet. It can totally wait until after the wedding. No, the pictures will look fine. No, it's not worth the risk. Yes, the risk. What if they screw up? What if it's too short? At least the way it is now, we know what we're dealing with. The uncertainty scares me. If it's too short, that's it. There's nothing we can do about it. I don't want to hate it and then all the pictures will be me with a terrible haircut.

"You know it makes me nervous. My hair's not ready. It has to get to a point where I can't tame it, where it's so long it bothers me. Otherwise it's going to fight the haircut. It's going to sabotage itself. The hair is going to revolt, and look terrible, on purpose, because it's not ready to be cut. Yes, the hair does have a mind of its own, I swear. Where do you think sloughed-off brain cells go? No, I know they don't teach you this in medical school, but it makes sense, doesn't it? Your brain sloughs off old cells, and how else can they get out but through the hair? So the hair has a mind of its own, and it's kind of like the mind in the head, but these are the old cells, so they can be stubborn and set in their ways. And they don't like to be cut until they're ready. It totally makes scientific sense.

"And there's no time anyway. The wedding's in like five days. I have to, uh, dry-clean my suit. And take a shower. And brush my teeth. I don't have time for a haircut. I have to go to the bathroom. If I didn't have to go to the bathroom, I could get a haircut. But I do have to go, and that has to take priority. Yes, I know the haircut will only take ten minutes. But we don't have ten minutes. We have a wedding to get ready for. I have shoes to tie.

"Fine, I'll get a haircut."

Saturday, May 23, 2009 | 4:00 PM

Pre-Wedding Bridge Toss

Paine Lake

Paine Lake

New Rochelle, NY

Oops! We invited too many guests! Join us as we toss some into the lake so we don't have to pay for their meals.

Sunday, May 24, 2009 | 3:00PM

Wedding Ceremony

Temple Shaaray Tefila

Temple Shaaray Tefila


89 Baldwin Road

Bedford Corners, NY 10549

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We're excited to be having our wedding at Temple Shaaray Tefila in the beautiful town of either Bedford Corners (if you believe their web site) or Mount Kisco (if you believe Google Maps).

Easily accessible via public transit from the city (Metro-North) or private transit via automobile, from your nearest highway or local street.

The Temple won us over when we started reading the inspirational stories of children in their congregation, in their website section they call "Babaganewz"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">//">"Babaganewz".

Sunday, May 24, 2009 | Immediately following the ceremony

Wedding Reception

Temple Shaaray Tefila

Temple Shaaray Tefila


89 Baldwin Road

Bedford Corners, NY 10549

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The festivities will continue immediately after the ceremony, as we move from the sanctuary to the reception hall and everyone scrambles to find their place cards.

Please watch your step.