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find local wedding photographers in Jersey City, NJ

Eva Dahl Photography
New York, NY | +1 917 449-2460

I work in an unobtrusive way, taking informal, natural portraits and spontaneous candids of you and your guests, in order to capture the emotion and beauty of your wedding day.

Cly Creation
New York, NY | +1 212 242-2499

Cly Creation photography is elegant, romantic and timeless.

Sean Sime Photography
New York, NY | +1 917 324-2735

Sean has turned his keen observation skills and unobtrusive style to photographing your unique event. Sean Sime Photography is based in New York City but can travel upon request.

Robert London Photography
New York, NY | +1 212 929-8595

"I do not wish to be constrained by preconception, but approach each wedding with an intuitive sense of form and visual story."

Jocelyn Filley Photography
New York, NY | +1 212 353-5051

Jocelyn specializes in documentary wedding photography. From start to finish, she unobtrusively captures the beauty and emotion of your day.

Chic Celebrations Photography
New York, NY | +1 201 925-0160

Having worked with top photographers throughout the US, Stacey is experienced in fine art, portrait and fashion photography. Her unique skills allow her to create phenomenal images of your day.

Studio Manhattan
New York, NY | +1 917 543-9404

Studio Manhattan approaches weddings with the spirit of photojournalism; capturing the natural, true moments that reflect the excitement and emotions of your day – a timeless collection of photographs

Dreams Studio Wedding Photography
New York, NY | +1 347 478-5111

Dreams Studio Photography is a husband and wife business. It all started when we realized that photography is our passion and we want to learn as much as possible about the beautiful world of still an

Milk and Honey Productions brings a unique cinematic style to weddings. Frame by frame, we create a story unique to you with elegance and meaning.

Video Classics
New York, NY | +1 212 647-8272

We've been performing our photographic magic on brides, grooms and bar/bat mitzvah families for over 20 years.

Angela Gaspar Photography
New York, NY | +1 917 434-8119

The first wedding I shot, I fell in love with the emotions of the experience. An overflow of photographic opportunities. I thought to myself, “How wonderful this is!”

Craig Paulson Photography
New York, NY | +1 917 972-1764

My candid style of photography captures a definite moment, a stolen kiss, a joke amongst friends, a reaction to a speech, a glance, a touch.

Craig Paulson Photography
New York, NY | +1 646 736-2605

Really, really good pictures. That’s what wedding photography is about. Your wedding is the one day where the pictures have to be the best pictures you have ever seen of yourself, your friends and your family.

Christian Oth Studio
New York, NY | +1 212 634-7949

Christian Oth has developed a style of wedding photography that has become very unique. His fresh style is a true statement of your wedding day.

Sara & Sarma Photography
New York, NY | +1 917 470-9773

One Story. Two Perspectives.

Dave Cross Photography
New York, NY | +1 212 279-6691

I will record your candid moments of fun and tenderness and give your traditional portraits a beautiful sense of style and warmth.

Lyn Hughes Photography
New York, NY | +1 212 645-8417

Lyn Hughes Photography is a New York based photography studio specializing in wedding photography.

Scott Reynolds Photography
New York, NY | +1 310 809-4149

wedding photographer - please visit my website for work samples and info. thank you, Scott

Lux Photo Studios
New York, NY | +1 888 428-2040

Lux style of wedding photography combines the best elements of reportage, portraiture and social documentary, with results that seem effortless and candid. Do not take your chances. Go with Lux!

Ira Fox Photography
New York, NY | +1 646 643-1111

Fox’s nontraditional approach lends itself to visual improvisation with frame by frame moments of love and laughter … great storytelling that gives people a unique keepsake of their special day.

Pauline St. Denis Photo
New York, NY | +1 917 541-4245

Modern, candid, editorial images with a classic sensibility. Always professional, Pauline and her team captures the moment without stealing the show.

Alfonse Pagano Photography
New York, NY | +1 212 566-2933

As a photographer, he will bring to you his experience, giving your wedding day a relaxed and natural feel.

Arlene Sandler/Lensgirl Photojournalism
New York city, NY | +1 917 405-3952

It is documentary with a fashionable twist. A documentary of the day in images, not poses. Moody black and whites and vibrant punchy colors.

MultiVision Photography & Video
New York, NY | +1 646 319-8609

You will love how we capture the special moments of your wedding day.

Warwick Brown Photography
New York, NY | +1 212 358-1718

Internationally acclaimed photographers Cyndy Warwick and Shelia Brown blend fashion and fine art with a documentary sensibility.

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