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True to life photography by Tony Yang. Besides weddings and engagements, one of the top few that offers boudoir photography to enhance your wedding day!

Sean has turned his keen observation skills and unobtrusive style to photographing your unique event. Sean Sime Photography is based in New York City but can travel upon request.

David Sacks photographs people in studio and on location and and is especially interested in photographing subcultures such as Beards, Roller Derby, Mime, Dance, Tattoos, Bikers, and Carnival Sideshow Performers. Subculture = Realculture

Jocelyn specializes in documentary wedding photography. From start to finish, she unobtrusively captures the beauty and emotion of your day.

Having worked with top photographers throughout the US, Stacey is experienced in fine art, portrait and fashion photography. Her unique skills allow her to create phenomenal images of your day.

Exhibited both in Europe and the US, Mariann brings a unique and fresh approach to photography.

Philippe Cheng
New York, NY |

Call for more information on wedding photography by Philippe Cheng.

Based in New York, Erik Ekroth blends his experience as a photojournalist and editorial photographer to create beautiful wedding images.

Milestone Images
New York, NY |

When I shoot a wedding, I know I’m creating family heirloom images that will be cherished for years to come. I consider it a privilege and an honor to do this work-creatively, joyfully, honestly.

"My approach is simple, quiet and unobtrusive. You and your guests concentrate on what is most important-your wedding day."

Virtually writing the story of the day through images.

Studio Manhattan
New York, NY |

Studio Manhattan approaches weddings with the spirit of photojournalism; capturing the natural, true moments that reflect the excitement and emotions of your day – a timeless collection of photographs

Erik Freeland has turned his distinct vision and style to wedding photography. With over 13 years of wedding photography experience, he has photographed a wide variety of weddings.

Milk and Honey Productions brings a unique cinematic style to weddings. Frame by frame, we create a story unique to you with elegance and meaning.

4Eyes Photography
New York, NY |

4eyes Photography is the award-winning partnership of Kellie Walsh & Rupert Rogers. Every wedding is approached as an individual assignment to capture the atmosphere and spirit of your day.

Photography by Vital Agibalow is a NY based company. We aim for contemporary romantic photography with the emphasis of capturing people as naturally as possible, giving a timeless result.

Beloved Photos LLC
New York, NY |

Wedding & Portrait photography from the heart.


My candid style of photography captures a definite moment, a stolen kiss, a joke amongst friends, a reaction to a speech, a glance, a touch.

Really, really good pictures. That’s what wedding photography is about. Your wedding is the one day where the pictures have to be the best pictures you have ever seen of yourself, your friends and your family.

Christian Oth has developed a style of wedding photography that has become very unique. His fresh style is a true statement of your wedding day.

The first wedding I shot, I fell in love with the emotions of the experience. An overflow of photographic opportunities. I thought to myself, “How wonderful this is!”

One Story. Two Perspectives.

I will record your candid moments of fun and tenderness and give your traditional portraits a beautiful sense of style and warmth.

Lyn Hughes Photography is a New York based photography studio specializing in wedding photography.

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