Kevin & Jessica

Our Story

There are two sides to every story.

He says...

He says...

Love comes and slaps you in the face when you least expect it, at least that's what I've always thought. I have also held the belief that everything happens for a reason. That's why I'm not the least bit surprised that I found my sweetheart in the most unusual way, at a toy train company.

There I was, on one of my 4,382 interviews to try and land a graphic design position, getting a tour of the office when what should my eyes see? In the art department was this beautiful girl sitting at her desk. She looked up at me with those baby-blues and a wonderful smile, my heart exploded right in my chest (what a mess).

I couldn't tell you half the stuff that was being told to me about the company. What was their name? What’s a train? What was my name!? She was the only person I ever remembered from my interview. Surprisingly I got the job, but it didn't last, I was there for only 4 months.

I always tell Jessica we are soul mates and that somehow I was supposed to find her. I mean why else would I have worked at a toy train company? Oddly enough, I almost joined the Navy in high school, so I think that’s fate telling me that one way or another our paths were supposed to cross. All I know is that I found the sweetheart of all my dreams, and I love every moment of it.

She says...

She says...

Kevin and I met at M.T.H. Electric Trains in April 2006. I will never forget the day our boss Andy came running into the bullpen yelling "I found the one!" And so, Kevin started working with us a week later. I had a crush on Kevin since day one. I thought he was such a cutie and he seemed just as silly as me. After just a month of working together, I found a new job and was super-bummed that I wouldn't get to see him every day. I needed to find a way to keep in touch! I figured the best way to get his attention would be a starburst candy to the head (much props to Lyndsey - it was her idea). I threw the candy at Kevin with my number and a little note written in the wrapper. Needless to say, he called.

A few weeks later we went on our first official date to Donna's in Charles Village. We were both so nervous and shy, we could hardly look at each other. We've come a long way since that first dinner date.

Since the very beginning, our relationship has been filled with laughter, love and lots of sweets. Kevin is truly my one and only love. I feel so blessed to have found him. As I've been told so many times, by so many of my loved ones, good things really do come to those who wait.

(And seriously, who would've guessed that three years after M.T.H. I'd be marrying Andy's golden boy?)