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Doing it ourselves

In some ways, doing it ourselves has been awesome, and I know it will all pay off on the big day when I can look around and know that it was all handmade, designed, sewn, cut, written, choreographed, and created by us. Right now though, I am taking a break after finishing the escort card document for printing (160 individual graphics that I made), and I am dreaming about a honeymoon where there is no planning involved! ;)


Fitting it all in -- to my dress and my summer!

Today is the first day that summer really hit me.  

It is HOT here in Madison, to me at least, and Rosie is restlessly pacing around the livingroom while I am updating our wedding website accommodations, emailing guests, and considering what wedding task I want to tackle today... Because as I look at my calendar for the upcoming month, I don't have that many "free" days like today that I can use to focus on finishing up wedding tasks.

And really, today wasn't even supposed to...


Hoping for better weather

As we slowly emerge from the polar vortex here in southern Wisconsin, I am starting to see signs of spring around town; green grass has popped up over night around our apartment complex, which means Rosie is no longer in such a hurry to do her morning "piddle." Last night at HyVee on the eastside, I even saw racks of flowers out for spring planting!  I must be conditioned to be cautious, because the first thought in my mind was, "Oh no!  It's too early for planting flowers--they'll surely...


A House Full of Wedding

It seems like every day a package comes to our house, adding steadily to the wedding supplies we are accumulating.

Initially, it was just one corner in our dining room, which is really just a corner itself in our townhouse apartment on Madison's eastside, but now accoutrements and decorations are slowly seeping into the livingroom, making their way to the top of the entertainment center, loitering on book shelves in front of all our paperbacks.  Extra chalkboard font "Save the Date"...


Overwhelmed, excited, and speechless

It takes a great deal to render a teacher speechless.  After all, we do spend our entire day talking--at our worst, we tell people how to do things all day long, and at our best, we give sage guidance to learners who are constructing a new world for us all.

When I saw Jesse at the bottom of the stairs, my mind went blank.  It was like all engines, which were firing randomly as I straightened my hair and assisted his mother in choosing an outfit (later, I learned this was a clever...