Jesse & Monica

A House Full of Wedding

It seems like every day a package comes to our house, adding steadily to the wedding supplies we are accumulating.

Initially, it was just one corner in our dining room, which is really just a corner itself in our townhouse apartment on Madison's eastside, but now accoutrements and decorations are slowly seeping into the livingroom, making their way to the top of the entertainment center, loitering on book shelves in front of all our paperbacks.  Extra chalkboard font "Save the Date" cards and creamy envelopes perch in front of Jesse's bluerays, pink depression glass plates sit waiting on the shelf above the television, at least 2 dozen half-finished mercury glass votives linger on the stairs to the loft, and black and ivory parasols in plastic bags lay out, as if sun bathing under our sky light.  

...So many "guests" in our house to finish, pack, and then unpack and set up at the wedding!  When I talk to my mom, she and I try to keep it all in our minds, and we plot and plan and think of ways to delegate to make it doable.  It seems so overwhelming and incredibly exciting all at the same time.


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