Eric and Jessica

Our Story

It all started a few years back...

Some of you may know that Jessica is a graphic designer who used to design a catalog for her friend's clothing company, Buddhaful. The owner, Mike, would give Jessica a CD full of pictures of their friends modeling the clothes. One day Jessica popped in a CD that Mike had given her and got working. One of the images she opened caught her eye. An unfamiliar cute boy with a brilliant smile filled her screen. "Hmmm," she thought. "He's cute. I don't know him." Without giving it much more thought, she continued with her day's work and designed the catalog. About a week later, with the printed copies back from the printer, Jessica went over to Mike's house (aka The Buddhaful House) to see how the final product looked. She flipped through the pages admiring her work, when there he was again - that cute boy.

She asked Noodle, Mike's assistant at the time, "Who is this guy?"

Noodle replied "That's my friend, Eric. We were in the Navy together."

"Oh" she said. "What's his story?"

"He's got a girlfriend", said Noodle.

"Oh" said Jessica and didn't give the cute boy any more thought.

A few months later, Jessica went to hang out at The Buddhaful House. Noodle was there along with the cute boy, Eric. Noodle introduced them and Jessica thought to herself "Yup, he's cute in person too." However, Eric was in a relationship and therefore, Off Limits. Jessica and Eric chatted, and that was that. Over the next couple years, they would run into each other here and there-parties, bars, shows, etc. They would exchange warm smiles and polite chatter. It would be more than 2 years before Jessica would give Eric more than a few minutes of her time.

It was a Sunday evening in March 2009 when Jessica went over to the Buddhaful House to hang out with friends and watch a movie. Friends were gathered in the living room talking when Noodle and Eric walked in the front door. As soon as Jessica caught sight of Eric, she thought to herself "Oh yeah, that cute guy, Eric." They hadn't run in to each other in about 6 months and so Jessica had kind of forgotten about Eric. As far as she knew, he was still unavailable.

Jessica moved over on the couch, opening a spot for Eric to sit. Over the course of the evening, the group of friends watched 2 movies. Eric and Jessica shared in banter as the movies unfolded. At one point, Jessica had the urge to lean into Eric and put her head on his shoulder. He seemed so cuddly. However, she realized this would be strange and inappropriate, so she restrained herself.

When the 2nd film was over, Eric stood up to go to the little boy's room. Jessica was ready to leave. She wondered "Should I wait for him to come out and say goodbye to him or should I just leave?" Being a strong, independent women, Jessica reminded herself that she does not wait around for boys, no matter how cute they are. She said goodbye to the crew in the living room and headed home. (Little did she know, Eric would be disappointed she had not said goodbye to him.)

Monday morning, Jessica woke up thinking about Eric. She wondered, "Why are all the cute ones taken or gay?" She then went on with her day. After work on Tuesday night, Noodle and another one of her friends, Katrina, came over.

The trio were hanging out when Jessica said to Noodle, "I still think your friend Eric is really cute."

Noodle responded, "Well, he's really single."

Surprised, Jessica said "You told me he had a girlfriend."

Noodle replied, "That was years ago."

"Hmm," thought Jessica, "good to know."

Noodle then suggested they all hang out together. Noodle and Jessica agreed it would be better if Noodle didn't mention to Eric that Jessica thought he was cute. They agreed it would be better to just hang out and see if any sparks flew naturally. There was an art opening that Friday that Noodle and Eric had planned to go to. Jessica had planned to go see a DJ they all liked that night. That settled it. Jessica and Katrina would meet Noodle and Eric at the art opening and then they would all go to the show. It was all set up-but Eric didn't know it yet.

For the rest of the week, Jessica looked forward to Friday night. It was Friday evening when Noodle sent a text to Jessica telling her he had forgotten about a friend's birthday party that night, and that he wouldn't be able to make the art opening. Jessica was disappointed for a about a minute and then thought "Oh well, I'm going dancing." Jessica caught a ride with her friend, Bryan, and met up with some friends at the club where the DJ was playing. She was talking to two girlfriends (Lily and Pam) who were both in long-term relationships. She was telling them about how she had a potential date (unknown to Eric) but that it had fallen through. Jessica was telling Pam and Lily about how cute Eric was. Pam was telling Jessica she had to keep the faith when Jessica just happened to look up and in the direction of the door when ERIC WALKED IN with their mutual friend, Saebyn.

Eric saw Jessica. He walked right up to her and they hugged hello. They started talking and it was ON. They lingered near each other, dancing and talking, until finally Jessica thought to herself, "Screw it, I've got nothing to lose." Jessica turned around and stood on her tip toes. (Eric is 6'4".)

"I have to tell you something," she said. "I've thought you were cute for years."

Eric replied "I knew that."

Jessica was shocked. She had no idea he knew. Noodle had promised not to say anything.

"What!", she said. "How did you know?"

"Noodle told me," said Eric.

Taken aback, Jessica said "He told me he wasn't going to tell you."

Eric responded, "He told me years ago."

Jessica said "You've known I thought you were cute all these years and you didn't do anything about it? That is very valuable information."

Eric then explained to Jessica that when Noodle had initially told him, he was in a relationship. He was happy to hear that, but being the loyal guy that he is, he couldn't do anything about it. He then told her about how when he was finally single, he had asked Noodle about her but Noodle had told him that she was "hung up on" someone else. Jessica was shocked. Noodle had never told her that Eric had ever asked about her.

So there they were-both out at the same show and both single. The date that started that night, March 20, 2009 has yet to end.

The moral of this story is: It's all about timing.