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gold and turquoise ring
Photo: Zales

Square Cut Ring

If you're going to go with such a unique centerpiece to your ring, why not go with a bold, square cut?

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Turquoise Leaves

Add interest to your ring by picking one of these turquoise engagement rings with a diamond leaf band.

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contemporary turquoise ring
Photo: Alchemy Bench

Turquoise & Diamond

As you're looking for turquoise rings, don't feel like you have to forgo a diamond in your hopes to incorporate turquoise. A turquoise and diamond ring can be the perfect compromise.

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turquoise colored gemstone and diamond ring
Photo: Ebay

Turquoise White Diamond

Why not find white gold diamond and turquoise gemstone engagement rings to commemorate your love? A choice like this one is great for a traditional bride who loves the color of turquoise, but still wants a classic ring.

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vintage turquoise ring
Photo: Ruby Lane

Vintage Ring

When looking at turquoise engagement rings, don't sacrifice sophistication. Go with this vintage turquoise ring to give yourself a timeless look.

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Turquoise Raindrop
Photo: Etsy

Raindrop Ring

When you go with such a visually compelling stone, why not also go with a cut that showcases it even more? This raindrop ring is the perfect statement.

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Turquoise Halo
Photo: MDC Diamonds

Turquoise Halo

When you're searching for turquoise engagement rings, the temptation could be to go for a subtle look instead of adding a flashy setting. This halo ring is the best way to add some extra sparkle to your engagement ring.

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Minimal Ring
Photo: Etsy

Minimalist Ring

Looking for turquoise engagement rings that appeal to your minimalist partner? This small, understated look is the perfect and beautiful way to show that you know your partner's personal style.

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Black Gold
Photo: Etsy

Turquoise & Black Gold

One of the most noteworthy things about turquoise is its dramatic color. Pairing it with a black gold setting is a beautiful and bold way to set your ring apart.