Nothing says classic and timeless like a bride wearing a veil. With making so many decisions about dresses, jewelry and shoes - the veil is usually the last finishing touch and can be one of the most defining aspects of your bridal appearance. Once you've made the decision to wear a veil, you will need to consider how it works with your dress, face shape, hairstyle and wedding location.  

Birdcage Veil: Worn mostly by vintage and retro brides, the birdcage veil is the perfect accessory. Paired with a bold lip and stunning accessories, the birdcage veil will definitely accentuate your wedding day hair and makeup. Remember that there is no standard shape or size to a caged veil so be sure to try on a few with your wedding dress to make sure that you find one that you love.

Laughing bride with bird cage veil.

Vintage bride with birdcage veil and illusion neckline wedding dress

Blusher Veil: If you love the suspense of waiting for your groom to lift your veil or the mystery of shielding your face then the blusher veil is for you. Adding volume to the hairstyle of your choice, the blusher veil is somehow both classic and modern all at the same time. See more lovely blusher veil inspiration here.

Bride with blusher veil and sweetheart neckline

Bride with blusher veil and sweetheart neckline wedding dress
Bride with blusher veil and minimal makeup

Juliet Cap:  If you have a flair for the dramatic or are looking to add a little bohemian edge to your bridal look then the Juliet cap veil is for you. One of the more historically classic options, this type of veil is worn mostly with your hair down and adds a very unique style for walking down the aisle.


Shoulder Length Veil: This veil is fun and playful. If you're committed to having a traditional looking veil but don't want it getting in the way of your sweet dance moves then a shoulder length veil is perfect. This flirty option is also great if you don't want to cover up any embellishments on your gown.



Elbow Length Veil:  If you're looking to cover your shoulders or frame your face, then the elbow length veil is the best choice. It's also great for enhancing details around your waist or complementing a hairstyle. Paired with a minimalist dress and a killer smile, your groom won't be able to take his eyes off of you.



Fingertip Veil:  This is the perfect length veil for a bride who wants all the perks of long veil without too much restriction of movement. The sophisticated and effervescent feel will give you the freedom to wear it with any hairstyle while also showing off any embellishments below the waistline of your wedding gown.

Bride with fingertip veil and trumpet gown

Bride wearing a fingertip veil and dancing with groom
Young bride with fingertip veil and white bouquet

Waltz Veil: Also known as ballet veils, waltz length veils will fall somewhere in between your fingertips and the floor. This is an ideal length for all of those wind swept pictures you see on Pinterest and can be easily worn with any hairstyle.

Bride with waltz length veil in the wind standing with groom

Bride with lace trimmed waltz veil in front of fountain
Bride with waltz length veil standing in front of mountains

Chapel Veil: A chapel length veil is typically a little longer than floor length adding drama and elegance to your walk down the aisle. Keep in mind that a long tulle veil wrinkles easily so be sure to have it steamed before your wedding day to create a smooth look.

Bride wearing a chapel veil standing on the steps

Bride with chapel veil kisses groom at the end of ceremony

Cathedral Veil: Worn at more formal weddings, the cathedral veil is the longest and usually most detailed. Its more traditional history doesn't mean that you can't wear it with a floral crown or more modern dress as shown below. But, the longer the veil, the harder it is to move in - so you might want to take it off or switch to a shorter option for the reception.

Bride with floral crown and cathedral veil

Bride with cathedral length veil on a ladder in Italy
Bride with cathedral length veil sits with groom

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