Create a Jewelry Budget
A lot of thought goes into how much you can spend on your dress—make sure you also have a budget for your wedding day jewelry. Once that money is set aside, you can start the search for your perfect accessories.

Purchase Your Wedding Bands
Start shopping for your wedding bands several months in advance so you have plenty of time to find exactly what you want, size them, and add customization like engraving.

Shop for Wedding Party Gifts
Jewelry is a wonderful gift for your wedding party because it’s something they can wear during your ceremony and beyond. For the bridesmaids, pearls are a timeless present that will look gorgeous in your wedding photos. For the groomsmen, cuff links will add handsome detail to their formal look.

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Have Your Rings Cleaned
Right before the big day, take your rings in to be professionally cleaned. You will want your jewelry to sparkle like new in your wedding pictures.

Organize Your Wedding Jewelry
Take some time to organize the jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day. Keeping it all together in one safe place will eliminate the possibility of misplacing or forgetting something that’s essential to your bridal look.

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Put Your Jewelry on Last
On your wedding day, wait until after your makeup and hair are finished to put on your jewelry. Hair sprays and lotions can dull the sparkle!