silver and gold earrings

Who knew boho could be so effortlessly chic?  Sundance has a great selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that will add just the right amount of sparkle to your wedding look.

One thing boho does really well?  Not get stressed out about tried and true fashion rules. Who says you can't mix metallic finishes?  These gold square hoops (above) are filled with rows of silver seed beads.  And the effect is pretty spectacular.

tiny garnet earrings

Something else that boho excels at it keeping it simple and uncomplicated.  Particularly if you have a patterned lace dress, you don't need a tons of accoutrements to distract from it.  Wear your hair half up and pick a pair of tiny drops or classic hoops.

simple gold hoops
gold bangle bracelet

These gold bracelets are just so easy. And they would most definitely become your new jewelry go-to.  The best jewelry always seems to go just as well with jeans as it would with a wedding dress, doesn't it?

gold and silver bracelet
metallic seed bead bracelet

These two bracelets (above and below) are a bit larger, so they should be your piece of "statement" jewelry.  The metallic seed beads would totally befit a grey or blush gown.

pearl clusters bracelet

And these pearl accessories are a welcomed modern redux of classic pearl bridal jewelry.  You could wear the bracelet with a gown that feels more retro, and this longer three-strand necklace with an unfussy strapless or deep v gown.

three strand pearl and gold necklace
delicate cross necklace

If faith is important to you, you might want to walk down the aisle with a symbol of your religion.  But you might be hesitant to wear a traditional cross for fear the mix of that and a wedding dress might remind your guests of 80s Madonna. Don't worry, this cross is so delicate, no one will be humming, "Like a Prayer" as you make your entrance.

gold and quartz necklace

These two necklaces are so elegant and extravagant, they don't feel at all like the usual boho fare.  But the emphasis on simple design and natural color is what boho is all about.  it doesn't get much prettier than these.

gold and emerald necklace

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