Australian designer Johanna Johnson's line of wedding dresses is ridiculously gorgeous. The designs are elegant yet somehow easy, and all of them are Glamor Central - dresses that are made to make you look and feel like a movie star on your wedding day. But, alas, they are not what this post is about today because right now they're not available outside of Australia (if you want to torture yourself, feel free to take a look here).

Thankfully, though, Johanna Johnson has a line of accessories which she sells online that we can all get our hands on. They have the same glamorous bent but with a slightly vintage feel, wouldn't you say?

And, that Garland Cape! It would add such a layer of frothy goodness to an otherwise simple gown, giving you the option to go dramatic for your ceremony entrance and then more simple for your reception. The only problem then would be finding another event glamorous enough that you could wear it again...



Cosmo Cap


Ginger Jeweled Scarf


Milla Veil


Garland Cape