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wedding accessories bridal sash gold and white pearls rhinestones
Photo: Davie & Chiyo

Ultra Feminine

Is it a brooch? A headband? This beautiful wedding accessory is actually a sash with a gorgeous rhinestone and pearl design in the middle. Small and feminine, it catches our eye (even from a distance), mostly thanks to the rose gold color.

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Minimalist Approach

We know firsthand the struggle to find the perfect detail to complete your dress. That's why this simple, minimalist gold belt is so terrific, as this little addition just seems to bring the whole bridal ensemble together.

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druzy stone crystal clear sparkly wedding belt wedding accessory
Photo: BHLDN


Fed up with wedding accessories featuring rhinestones, identical pearls, and sequins? A druzy quartz rock belt might be calling your name. Organic and whimsical, you'll love the subtle detail that this clear crystal will give your wedding outfit.

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Fresh Flowers

If brides wear flower crowns made of fresh blooms, why not tuck a couple of flowers into your wedding belt? Ask your florist about what kinds of flower would work best for this unique wedding sash idea.

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Silk Florals

We agree that the technicalities behind a "live" floral belt might be complicated, but there's nothing to stop you from indulging in a beautiful silk version! There are all different colors and textures of these fabric flowers that can add a bit of daintiness and femininity to your wedding dress.

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Floating Belt

This vintage inspired wedding sash is made of the most delicate white tulle, meaning that it just blends in with the dress, making the lace and pearl details appear just a tasteful embellishment of the gown itself.

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beige wedding sash tied in the the front
Photo: Saja Wedding

Simple Satin

Sometimes it's not about the fabric, color, or embellishments. Even a simple satin sash can give a dress its finishing touch- it's all up to you and what you do with it. If a simple bow seems too tame, try this crossing technique in the front. The bohemian flair is just what this dress needed.

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Something Blue

Looking for "something blue" can be challenging, especially if you want to make it a more noticeable part of your bridal look. This minty blue and green wedding sash adds just the right amount of color while maintaining a delicate, whimsical tone.

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Thin Pearl

Sometimes it's the smallest thing that captures our attention, and the proof is in this beautiful wedding belt. Thin and delicate, it seems almost to be just a string of pearls being held together by some sparkles. Poetry and fantasy aside, it's a pretty piece that we'd love to have in our closets.

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Sashes are versatile things, and brides should definitely take advantage of them. Customize them to adapt to your theme, whether rustic, vintage, or ultra-modern, or use sentimental pieces of jewelry to adorn them, just like this bride has used this cameo pin.