How mandatory are rehearsal dinners? –Becky Lynn Young
Dear Miss Young,

Rehearsal dinners are very mandatory! Not only does if offer everyone an opportunity to meet and get to know each other, but it says thank you to your bridal party for being a part of your special day.

Receiving Line...Oldie but Goodie, or just an Oldie? -Jessica Herrera
Dear Miss Herrera,

A receiving line is definitely an oldie in my book.  The purpose of the traditional receiving line is to give all of the guests an opportunity to greet the bride and groom, as well as parents of the happy couple.

This very formal tradition truly served a purpose and offered all parties involved a moment with the stars of the show. The downside, however, is that the line can be long with larger sized weddings and difficult for those involved to endure.

Modern couples and families should recognize the need to see everyone at their event and instead use alternative means to greet their guests. For example, often the bride and groom will visit every table during dinner, which is great, although it requires the bride and groom to eat out of sequence of the guests.

I'd like to know when is the right time to pay the full amount to service providers. -Nonela Skenjana
Dear Miss Skenjana,

Most wedding professionals require payment in full prior to or on the wedding day. You should review the contracts of your vendors to see what each individual requires.

And what are best favors? -Nonela Skenjana
Dear Miss Skenjana,
Favors should reflect your personality and design of the wedding. The best favors in my opinion are those that are either truly useful or delicious and have very little impact on the wallet or environment. (Ed. note: See some ideas for wedding favors here.)
Where on earth do I find pearls to put in the bottom of my vases for my table decorations? -Jodee Lynn Johnson
Dear Miss Johnson,

You have a few alternatives when it comes to pearl decorations for floral design. Consider a Mardi Gras supply or bead company, which sell bulk pearls very inexpensively. These beads will come on strands and should be tested by submerging in water before using them for your designs. Otherwise, another alternative is gel beads, which require hydration, although these products are often inconsistent and unpredictable. If you are going for a specific look or design I recommend using real beads out of water.

Do u have to have the something new borrowed and old and blue for your wedding? I  don't have the old and borrowed. -Lauratoblessed Bardo
Dear Miss Bardo,
Before deciding if the age-old tradition of the:
Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe works for you on your big day, consider its meaning:

Something old: symbolizes continuity with the brides’s family and the past
Something new: means optimism and hope for the bride’s new life ahead
Something borrowed: typically an item from a happily married friend or family member whose good fortune is supposed to carry over to the new bride
Something blue: comes from ancient times; the color links to purity

Whether you participate in this age old tradition is totally a personal decision and one you should fully embrace either way you choose.

For an outside wedding, where do I 'hide' before walking down the isle so I'm not seen before it's time? Any ideas? -Chelsie Lee Anderson
Dear Miss Anderson,

How will you arrive at the venue? Where are you getting ready? If there is no shelter whatsoever, you might consider hiding in a vehicle nearby so that when it is time you can arrive at just the right moment. Or if your budget permits, this is a great opportunity for a horse-drawn carriage arrival. The key, however, is being staged nearby, out-of-site and arriving at the correct moment. This will require a few savvy phone calls and good timing.

If you elope before the wedding ceremony (due to financial obligations), is it mandatory to let your guests know? Do you have to put this on the invite? -Dione McCrea
Dear Miss McCrea,

If you elope you should not have any guests to invite. But, if you plan on having a party to celebrate your marriage this should be indicated on the invitation to the reception.

What do you think of pink and white wedding? -Tuko-ndjeni Angala
Dear Miss Angala,

I love pink and white! It is fresh, simple, and can be very romantic when using the proper tones. If you tend to be more dramatic, go for shocking or hot pink tones; if you are more traditional and romantic, consider the softer hues.

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