Jimmy & Jennifer

Scanning & Planning

We are making progress! Last week we started to register, we registered at Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Jimmy had fun walking around with the scanner (it must be a cop thing). I on the other hand enjoyed picking out things, but was very overwhelmed by making decisions on what’s best and what’s needed. I had to laugh when we sat with the lady to get started and setup the registry. I had pointed out the pretty china up on the shelf, it was a 5 piece set for $1$$.00, Jimmy made a comment saying oh that’s not bad” (thinking you get 5 place settings.) I laughed and said no that’s the cost for just those 5 pieces we would need 6 to 12 according to the lady, depending on how many place setting’s we are going to have, meaning $1$$.00 x 10. I think Jimmy was a little shocked after that. I must say we did register for the china just because it’s always been my dream to have china. As a little girl setting the table at my Nanny’s house hearing the stories about how she got her china for her wedding, and how old it was, always made me want china because I thought it was so special to eat on those plates for special occasions.  We did register for all the practical stuff too. The only thing I found interesting is most the stuff you register for seems to be for the kitchen, “I guess you can only get so much bedding and bathroom stuff.” So many choices. We had to leave and continue another day. Anyone know what kind of pots and pans to get? That’s where we stopped because I have no idea what to pick.


On a different note I’m excited to say we have paid the deposit for the photographer, and thanks to my dad we were able to put the deposit on the photo booth too. I’m very excited about both, “one less payment to worry about.” The photo booth is going to be fun to have at the reception. When we went to the bridal expo it was the one thing I really wanted to check out, and sure enough they had a few of them there and we even got to go inside and take a photo which was so much fun! 

 We are making progress which is a great feeling. So many things have to get done, but it’s all very exciting. Next on the list, wedding shoes and jewelry, tuxedos, cake tasting and much more, yay!


So cute Jen! I love that you have a blog. We are planing on coming out to CA for your wedding. We are way excited for you two.

I love reading this,, I am updated as much here as I am anywhere I think,,,,

Don't forget Jen, "Organization is the Key to Sex"....no I mean success

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