John & Jaja

Things to Do - Wedding Checklist

I'm so happy, the past week had been a VERY Productive WEEK for John and I! We were able to finish stuff we need to finish and meet the people we need to meet!

1. Misalette Layout - CHECK!
2. Misalette Print & Photocopy - CHECK!
3. Buy Misalette Cover - CHECK!
4. Print Misalette Cover - CHECK! (SUPER THANKS TO CHAR!)
5. Print Thank You Cards - CHECK! (SUPER THANKS TO ARL!)
6. Prepare bigger version of Priest's Misalette - CHECK!
7. Make Pictorial Sequence - CHECK!

1. Meet with Missy for the reception program - CHECK!
2. 2nd Prenup Photo ops! - CHECK! (THANKS KAREN & JOEL again! and OF COURSE DINO!)

1. Type List of Principal sponsors and submit to Almira - CHECK!

1. Get Jaja's Shoes - CHECK! (THANKS SANTI!! MWAH!)
2. Buy Materials for John's outfit - CHECK!
3. Buy Ring Chest - CHECK!
4. Order boxes for wedding gowns - CHECK!

1. Buy Gifts - CHECK!
2. Buy Souvenirs - CHECK!

1. Deliver Remaining Invites
2. Wrap Gifts
3. Finalize program
5. Make seating arrangements
6. Make Flor plan
7. Update Center Table for last minute changes
8. Prepare timeline for wedding
9. Buy shoes for John & Bag for Jaja
10. Discuss Flower arrangements for church
11. Prepare schedule for the day
12. Prepare task of people for the day
13. Make guest list for registration
14. Burn CD of Songs
15. Finalize Music List
16. Deliver Barongs & Gowns

STILL A LOT TO DO!! but we'll do our best to make it!

Got the barong designs last sunday, it looked way better than the initial design they made. WHAT A RELIEF!

Thank you God for the Wonderful blessings!


go go go!!!

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