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Los Gatos Mountain Trails

This complex of trails starts downtown and branches into the hills south of Los Gatos. Every morning and evening, the Los Gatos Creek Trail teems with bikers and joggers diligently raising their heart rates. For those inclined to more leisurely pursuits, the Scout Trail for hikers starts at the same spot, just east of the freeway overpass on East Main Street, and takes a few charming twists into shady creek-side groves before lurching up a sun-baked mountain on the way to Lexington Reservoir. Wild fennel and raspberry and the occasional alarming scuttle in the bushes lend a bucolic flavor to the experience.

Wine Tasting @ The Mountain Winery


The Mountain Winery 14831 Pierce Road

Saratoga, CA 95070

Sip wines while enjoying the beautiful vistas the Winery has to offer.
*Check online schedule as wine tasting might be unavailable due to private events.*

Downtown Los Gatos Guide

This detailed guide lists restaurants, spas, wineries, boutiques and more! There is even a map of the downtown area to help you navigate the city. Have fun exploring Los Gatos!


Here is a directory of golf courses in the Los Gatos area and beyond. You can find information about courses, tee time, and distance in miles from Los Gatos.