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Airport Info

There are 3 main airports in the Bay Area; San Francisco International, Oakland Airport and San Jose Airport. Depending on your travel plans, you may choose to fly into any of these conveniently located airports.

San Francisco Airport (SFO)
Located just south of the city, SFO is close by and BART or taxis make it easy to get into the city. Airport Shuttles cost about $20/person to SF. Los Gatos is about 35 miles south of SFO.

Oakland Airport (OAK)
Located east of the city, Oakland airport probably only makes sense for people flying in from other west coast cities. BART is the easiest way to get into San Francisco. You can also choose to take an airport shuttle for around $40/person.

San Jose Airport (SJC)
Located just about 10 miles north of Los Gatos, San Jose Airport is the closest airport to our wedding destination. San Jose is approximately 45 minutes south of San Francisco.