Judd & Estee

Our Story

One version is more true... but they both end up with us getting married!

Train Speeding/Life Saving

(version 1 of 2)
Train Speeding/Life Saving

Once upon a time... both Judd and Estee worked in the area of San Francisco known as the Dogpatch. For those of you that have ventured to this once industrial (now totally she-she) part of town, you know that there is a train line that runs the length of 3rd Street, home of Judd and Estee's fabled work places.

One day, both Judd and Estee decided to embrace the go green attitude of their environmentally conscious city and take public transportation to work. Estee began her journey to the office first (since she is perpetually on time). After hopping on the #38 bus line heading downtown, Estee transferred to the T train and got comfortable in her seat, popped in her earphones and pressed play on her favorite Hall & Oates playlist. While Hall was reaching an ear piercing, heart plucking crescendo, Judd stepped onto the train through the rear doors and immediately suspected something was not right.

The train driver was sweating, a few women were in tears and one lady kept trying to jump through the doors while the train was moving. He wondered... why is this train going so fast? The driver made an announcement that he could not go under 55 miles per hour for fear of the train exploding. Still confused, Judd remembered that Keanu Reeves had gone through a similar situation in the early 90s... but Keanu had found a lovely brunette to save.

Peering around the train, Judd noticed a dark haired girl singing "I can't go for that... Noooo" completely oblivious to the dire situation surrounding her. Oh, and she was singing out loud without realizing it. Immediately, Judd knew this was the girl he needed to save. He devised a plan to have the train "Speed" towards the unfinished track in the Dogpatch neighborhood while he secretly got all the passengers off the train, with exception to Estee.

Suddenly, Estee looked up and realized she and Judd were the only 2 people left on the train. Even the driver was gone. Terrified and alarmed, Estee began screaming. Judd grabbed her in a hug like embrace and leapt from the open door of the train onto 3rd street. The pair tumbled on the ground for a few paces and finally came to a stop outside of the Dogpatch Saloon. Estee looked up at this cute bearded man and figured he owed her a drink and an explanation after such a ballsy move.

And so, they went into the Dogpatch Saloon for an ice cold beer and never let each other go from that moment on. While enjoying their drinks and one another's company, Judd looked over and noticed Dennis Hopper sitting at the bar sipping Fernet with a hand that was missing a few fingers. They chalked it up to a weird day, which changed their lives forever.

The beginning...

Email, Bowling and Beers

(version 2 of 2)

Judd and Estee met like most young Jewish couples these days... on JDate.

After a few weeks of silly emails (i.e., Judd's first email to Estee: "You're an angel. Whoever gets to have Jabies (Jewish Babies) with you is a lucky man."), and a few phone conversations that felt like they had always known each other... they decided to meet at the Dogpatch Saloon for a drink.

One drink turned to 2, 2 turned to a purchased 6 pack of Negro Modelo and next thing they knew, Estee and Judd were playing hours of Wii bowling while listening to Pearl Jam.

Date #2 was only days later and before long (as in, almost right away), Judd and Estee became one another's favorite people.

The End.