Jude and Elise

Wedding Party

Elise and Jude are both the second children and we all know what that means.... they have older siblings they have looked up to-- and annoyed.

Patrick James Alexander

Best Man = Brother of the Bride
Patrick James Alexander

Brother of the bride... you need to ask him his story.

Qiana Maragliano Rode

Best Woman = Sister of the Groom
Qiana Maragliano Rode

Q is just waiting to tell her story.

Lucas Colman Rode

Ring Bearer

This little man can

Ella Ruby Amen

Flower Girl

So cute.

Mary Ann and Jim Alexander

Parents of the Bride

Jim and Mary Ann have taken time out of their quest to visit every place on Earth to attend the wedding of their daughter. Ask them about their most recent adventure.

Leslie and Andy Maragliano

Parents of the Groom

Ma and Pa feel comfortable on a farm, they once raised chickens, pigs and even had goats: each named better than the last-- they were then well versed for child rearing. Ask them to take you geocaching or kayaking.