Kara & Daren

Special considerations

Crested Butte is at an elevation of 8880 feet, much higher then Denver (5280 ft). The wedding is taking place on Mt.Crested Butte, where the elevation is even a bit higher (9400 feet). Please take precautions to prevent altitude sickness: drink plenty of water before and during your stay, get plenty of rest, and bring a pain reliever in case you experience any headaches. We want everyone to have a good time, but alcohol does compound this problem (another reason to stay hydrated). If possible, spend a night or two in Denver before arriving in Crested Butte to better acclimate to the elevation changes. Hopefully this will help all our sea-level friends and family have a wonderful time!

Weather can fluctuate quite a bit in Colorado. Summer in the mountains usually is 70's during the day, but lows can be in the 40's at night. Please check the weather before your arrival. Layers help accomodate the changing weather. Also, it will be very sunny at 9,000 feet! Please wear plenty of sunscreen to prevent getting burned.

The ceremony will take place outside in a grassy field on Crested Butte Mountain. Ladies- you may not want to wear your pointiest heels in this environment! Heels should be ok unless it has been raining that day and it is muddy (hopefully not!), or wear wear flats and change shoes for the reception.