Kelli & Scott


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Dan Moske

Oct 2, 2009

Congratulations Kelli and Scott. Best wishes for a wonderful day and a blessed marriage.

Dan and Kim Moske and family

mom and dad

Sep 29, 2009

Wow, only 4 days for your Very special day, we are so happy for the two of you. kelli you are going to be such a beautiful bride!!! Congratulations,
Love, Mom and Day

Doug & Carol Hoffman

Sep 3, 2009

Your big day is only a month away! Just wanted to say that we are so happy for you and will always be there for you. It's been fun helping you get things ready. Let us know what else we can do.
Dad & Mom
PS Love your website!

kelly (kurschner) bliese

Aug 22, 2009

Nice website and you two are a beautiful couple. I am Joans daughter.I havent seen you since you were a toddler. Congrats and best wishes!

Bridget McLennan

Aug 14, 2009

Can't wait to celebrate your big day with both of you!

Laura Gile

Jul 28, 2009

Hey guys it was really awsome seeing you this weekend. Just hearing about all your plans is exciting. Booked my room today and I am looking forward to it. Have fun with the wood decorations if you need another drill let me know!

sue mcmahon

Jul 6, 2009

This is so much fun to look at. What a great thing to have. You did a great job.


Jul 6, 2009

beautiful website, what a creative thing to do. I would never have been able to put this together!

ruth hanley

May 15, 2009

very impressed with your website. great job.....Love, Grandpa and Ruth

MaryBeth Conda

May 13, 2009

Just wanted you to know what a wonderful job you did on this website. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to your special day.
Love, MaryBeth

Julie, Darren, Liberty, Pippi, Fletcher, Griffen

May 5, 2009

Thanks for including us in your special day! We love to dance and party and hope to make it.

Nadine Gregerson

Apr 20, 2009

Sweet site you guys...very informative and we can't wait!

Yvonne & Mike Debilzen

Mar 31, 2009

Your web-site is awesome! I loved all the photos and personal stories. We're looking forward to sharing in your special day!

Melissa LaBrosse

Nov 30, 2008

Aw! This website it awesome!I am so excited for you both! Love you!

Cara Medure

Oct 27, 2008

Hey! Your website it great! We need to get together before your last name changes. :) I'm so happy for you guys. Such a cute couple.

Kelly Koehler

Oct 21, 2008

Hey Kelli, I love the website!! I am really looking forward to the wedding!!

Peggy LaBrosse

Sep 17, 2008

Congratulation!!! you two look so happy in your picture!! Love Mom

Sara Hoffman

Sep 16, 2008

Viewing this website gets me even more excited for the big day! Let me and mom know if there's anything we can help fun!