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Twitter: The New Billboard Signs for Companies

Twitter is a social network that allows you to post short captions, quotations, statuses, and share ideas with the 140 character limit for each post. During the past years, the number of users for this site has grown with a rapid rate, drawing people from different age groups and interests that create the colourful multicultural backbone of this network. This social media has developed a way to instantly share a thought for everyone to see or to rapidly make a topic known worldwide—this is also known as the process of making a topic “trending”. Some companies have taken advantage of this past passed community to sky rocket their product or name into the top by gaining a large number of followers. This can be considered the fastest and easiest way rather than using a billboard." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">//">

The possibility to buy twitter followers can immensely help a start-up company to get instantly recognized by a large number of audiences. This can also help in getting a company or product account to be suggested to other users, they can read, post, and tag the account to send feedbacks and suggestions to help in the development. Non-Twitter users can also see posts and read them, they may be more encouraged when they see the quantity of followers an account has and remove the doubt in their mind. Most people relay on statistics now a day and there is no harm in creating hype to help in the overall impact of a starting company.

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