Megan & Ian

Dear Loved Ones

Megan & Ian

Our wedding date: August 15, 2015

As we plan for our marriage, we find ourselves mindful of our good fortune, and we acknowledge that the greatest gift we could receive is your presence at our wedding. We’ve noticed that the best meals we have eaten have been those prepared in love. To celebrate our marriage and the gathering of our community, we would like to re-create just such a meal. You are cordially invited to our Potluck Supper reception. A main dish, wedding cake, and beverages will be provided. Supplemental main dishes, side dishes, breads, and desserts to be shared are enthusiastically welcome. If you are able and interested in participating, we hope you will bring a dish to the Potluck, but if you are unable, please still attend and share in the meal.

With hearts grateful for the fullness of our lives, we have realized that the tradition of receiving wedding gifts from our community does not seem wholly fitting for us. In that light, we ask you to forgo the traditional gift giving in favor of honoring us with your presence, with your continued love, and with a shared meal thoughtfully created by our community.

To contribute a dish, please indicate on your RSVP. Your response will help us plan the best possible meal. We also invite you to send us your recipe ahead of time, so we can bind recipes from all of the dishes together to share with everyone who attends.