Lane & Ashton

True Life of a Southern Belle Bride

Of course our wedding is on a tight budget because quite frankly, we have no money. HA! I'll keep you updated with DIY ideas and project's I'll be doing for our big day... This also can be where I vent right?! That's what blogs are for!

"One-a-day" Wedding Projects

My "one-a-day" wedding day project has been successful. Basically, this is like a mental thing I am doing so I can prepare for the wedding day. For example... one day I made the ceremony programs on my computer. One day we had them printed. One day we glued them together along with the wooden handle for fans.... One day I painted signs... One day I made bouquets.. you get the picture. One of my biggest undertakings recently was to make my aisle runner. 40 feet of burlap! It was a three...


FINALLY the Honeymoon is BOOKED!

I'm not exactly sure what has made me put this off till the last minute but I guess my job has been extremely overwhelming and I have been stressed to the max. If you think working for a "media" company is a walk in the park you would be sadly mistaken. By the time I come home from being up since 4:00 AM all I want to do is come home and take a long nap or go to bed for the night. So if I could blame not booking our honeymoon until last week on anything… that would be it. Not that I drove...


I said, YES... to the DRESS!

I was so anxious as Friday night just thinking about what was to come the next day. I have heard so many great things about Lows Bridal in Brinkley. Many of my sorority sisters, friends, and other random folks I would run into would just brag and brag about the selection of beautiful gowns in all sizes and budgets at Lows Bridal.

The nerdy girl inside prevailed and looked on Google at reviews of the store and I didn’t really know what to think after. But really, the people who write...


Say Yes to the Dress.... or not. Okay, Yes on the flowers.

Well, I guess its time for an update! The save-the-date magnets are out and of course I am thinking of at least ten people a day that I need to add to the invitation list. Or I read through it again, and I’m like, “Wait, I thought I had their address!?!!” It’s so hard getting addresses! Really, it’s a big pain in the ass honestly. But on the bright side, sweet Lane has helped me tremendously on getting people on the list. We add several daily though so this guest list keeps growing and...


Sunset, Camera, Action!

From the very beginning of mine and Lane’s relationship, I would take photos here and there. I am a BIG fan of what my little sister Savannah would call, “selfy” bathroom photos while posing and making duckface. It looks real sexy right? HA! Only self absorbed women in their 40’s who think they are 21 and 13 year olds trying to date a 17 year old take these types of photos. It’s hilarious to take a screen shot of their attempt of looking sexy and then passing it along to your friends. In...


Information Overload...

As I sit here and stare at “The Knot” magazine… and the huge white bag of postcards and pamphlets from the bridal fair this sickness immediately overwhelms me. Talk about information overload! It was WAY too much information. Honestly, the Bridal Fair at the Convention Center in Little Rock is not for the weak at heart. If you are not into being butts and bowties scrambling from vendor booth to vendor booth… then don’t even waste your time. I hate saying that because I really had a fun...


Tin Can with Rope in my Hand

The wedding believe it or not is (as of today) 150 days away. You would not believe how fast that will actually fly by. It will be here before we know it. Since we are on a tight budget, I am making a lot of things myself with the help of friends and family. I have been on Pinterst like no other… trying to find ideas on neat do-it-yourself crafts that fit my rustic theme and look wild and western.


When I saw this idea I thought, crap that’s easy as heck... and it is! Very...


We've Hit the Target

When brides and grooms register its usually a fun thing. Overall, it wasn't that bad... despite the 5 inches of rain and thunderstorms we drove through to get to Conway and the fact that Lane does not have any patience with the general public and could care less about what color dishes and what flatware we have to match. All he cares about is if we have any. We might need a couple items you register for around the house, because we both like to eat. Really.


For the most...


Will You Be My Bridesmaid?!

The first thing everyone asks you when you become engaged, is "When is the Date!?" And your like, "Um... we just got engaged." So, then you feel all of this crazy pressure on you to begin the wedding planning process. One thing for sure, after Lane and I set the date, we jumped on telling our wedding party.

It was so hard to choose bridesmaids. Really. I am close to a lot of ladies who are all so special to me. After thinking it through... I made the easy decision to ask Kayla,...

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