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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?!

The first thing everyone asks you when you become engaged, is "When is the Date!?" And your like, "Um... we just got engaged." So, then you feel all of this crazy pressure on you to begin the wedding planning process. One thing for sure, after Lane and I set the date, we jumped on telling our wedding party.

It was so hard to choose bridesmaids. Really. I am close to a lot of ladies who are all so special to me. After thinking it through... I made the easy decision to ask Kayla, Laura, Sarah, Alex, Savannah and Kristin to join us along with Maelyn as the flower girl for the big day. *Note all of my Chi Omega sisters will have something special for them at the wedding and be recognized as Honorary Bridesmaids....

Lane chose Julian, Kyle, Tee, Jeffery Todd, Lucas and Brandon to be by his side and I could not be any more happier. Cawl Reed will join Maelyn down the asile as a ring bearer and James Reed will be our JP.

I wanted to make this a special occasion for my ladies, so I decided to give them all handpainted personalized coolers. They were a "Bridesmaid Survival Kit" coolers if you will... all complete with all of the essentials inside like a hair brush, a nail file, hair spray, advil, a first aid kit, etc...

The girls said "YES!" and now I have the best bridesmaids that anyone could ask for... By the way, they LOVED the coolers!





Only you would do something so sweet for others on YOUR day! So happy for you!!

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