Lane & Ashton

We've Hit the Target

When brides and grooms register its usually a fun thing. Overall, it wasn't that bad... despite the 5 inches of rain and thunderstorms we drove through to get to Conway and the fact that Lane does not have any patience with the general public and could care less about what color dishes and what flatware we have to match. All he cares about is if we have any. We might need a couple items you register for around the house, because we both like to eat. Really.


For the most part, I have been on my own since I was 18. When I moved off to college in Jonesboro at Arkansas State and the Dollar Store was my best friend. Pots, Pans, Spoons, etc. all came from the Dollar Store to get me through my 3 1/2 (I graduated early) years in college. After I graduated with my bachelors degree in Radio Television, I packed up along with my Dollar Store apartment and moved to the next chapter in my life... my career.


For Lane, he commuted to ASU-Beebe for a couple of years from Clinton and then actually moved over to that area with his buddies and lived in a house. He eventually got a position at ASU and worked as the Farm Manager for the ASU Farm and taught Animal Science. So needless to say, he lived on campus and had some of his own stuff too.


I say all of that to bring you to now. We, together, have an interesting collection of odds and ends. Lane's two John Deere coffee mugs are so cute and are perfect for coffee on a Sunday morning... The 2 salad plates go great with my 5 glass tumblers and 3 Large John Deere dinner plates. (They come in a set of 6 but one broke between one of my moves- Who's counting though?) REALLY who "Needs" items on your registry? No one "needs" them technically, but you just "want" them to have a nice home together. I guess some couples might begin with nothing and they genuinely need things. But not us. I don't believe that items you register for are items anyone really needs... maybe its my inner hippie. But all you need is love right? As we went through each aisle at Target, Clover Alley, and The Kitchen Store, with the future in mind.... (I want a bigger house and kids one day and where we live now won't cut it) I kept asking, "Lane, How do you feel about this..." or "Lane, do you like this color?" He would just say "You know I don't care..." Which is aggravating it itself. If I didn't want or care about his input I would have just have went and did it myself. But its about US, not ME. I genuinely care what he wants, needs, and thinks... Crap, that's why I said "Yes!" in the first place.


After our trip to Target, Clover Alley, and The Kitchen Store, it is apparent that Lane really wants me to decide about stuff like this...


But, really, we need a vacuum and a mop if anything.


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