Lane & Ashton

Tin Can with Rope in my Hand

The wedding believe it or not is (as of today) 150 days away. You would not believe how fast that will actually fly by. It will be here before we know it. Since we are on a tight budget, I am making a lot of things myself with the help of friends and family. I have been on Pinterst like no other… trying to find ideas on neat do-it-yourself crafts that fit my rustic theme and look wild and western.


When I saw this idea I thought, crap that’s easy as heck... and it is! Very easy! Lisa, my former boss at Same Ole Joes in Greenbrier has saved several of these large cans for me and my little sister Savannah picks them up. I then, hot glue the thin rope all around the can; to give it a rustic look. I wanted to make some of them different so I purchased a yard of this decorative what I call “fake” leather and glued it in the center of the can. From there I added rope around the top and bottom of the can to tie it in together to the others so they'd somewhat match. Overall I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out. I have TONS more to do!


At this point, I still need to decide what flowers I will be putting inside of these… I have no idea where to begin there! In the mean time, here is an example of what they will look like when they are done!


THANK YOU LISA and EVERYONE at Joes for saving me these cans!!!


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