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Information Overload...

As I sit here and stare at “The Knot” magazine… and the huge white bag of postcards and pamphlets from the bridal fair this sickness immediately overwhelms me. Talk about information overload! It was WAY too much information. Honestly, the Bridal Fair at the Convention Center in Little Rock is not for the weak at heart. If you are not into being butts and bowties scrambling from vendor booth to vendor booth… then don’t even waste your time. I hate saying that because I really had a fun time bonding with my ole’ momma, soon to be mother and sister law too… but really. It was too much to take in. I guess if I were to give you one thing to keep in mind… it is to arrive knowing what you are looking for. If you are looking for “do-it-yourself ideas” to make your wedding fabulous… stick to Pinterest. If you are looking for a dress… make an appointment to go to David’s Bridal or wherever you are thinking about buying one. Don’t waste your money either on buying a “Very Important Bride” ticket either. If you arrive early and go through all of the booths by the time for the fashion show (which you have front row seats for) you are ready to just go home. The seats are okay, but it’s a big area and you can see fine from any point in the room.The T-Shirt that it came with wasn’t even that nice. Okay, that’s a bunch of negative… back to the positive…I went with flowers, video, and officially choosing my colors in mind. All of which I still am not sure about. So I guess that’s back to the negative already... dang.


Anyhoo, as the great Steel Magnolia states, “My colors are blush and bashful, mama!”


I remember loving that line and saying it full energy when I played Shelby in the Rialto rendition of the great Robert Harling play. (It was pretty much the highlight of my lifetime by the way. So much so I thought I'd share a picture... look below.) Colors… Blush and Bashful. Like I would ever really choose two shades of pink as my colors; but living my life as a southern bride I am leaning to choosing the modern version of that. Coral, Light Pink, Tan, Brown, some Orange even? I don’t know. Keep in mind, I would need to choose whatever colors I want in order to take the next step in choosing my flowers right?


Talk about decisions decisions... I love flowers, but I just don’t know the names of any of them. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a tiger lily and peace lily. I can name a carnation (Chi Omega Official flower. Amen.) A rose and a magnolia though. Maybe that’s what I should go with. But does that even look good together? Probably not.


You would also think that with my experience as a wedding videographer myself, that I would know exactly who I would want or have some friends that could film mine… WRONG. I haven’t found a company that is even close to my pricing. Not even in the ball park. Which makes me think, I need to go up on my rates... HA! But, I can’t even imagine charging what these other companies charge… and you don’t even get as much footage with the stuff I cover! I am at a loss here….. Maybe I could hire someone to film… and then I just edit what I want... that’s always an idea. A dangerous one.


All of these thoughts swarm my mind and I dread going through that white bag of loud note cards and brochures. Sadly I am sure most of them are outrageously expensive and I probably could have just “googled” everything I needed to know… But I guess I’ll start going through it, it should take me about 4 hours... double the time we were even at the bridal fair. Another great quote comes to my Ouiser in Steel Magnolia once famously said, “This is it, I've found it, I'm in hell!”



The top right picture is my sister Kayla and I who came to watch the play.

Bottom left Mrs. Kathy Brian who played M'Lynn (Mine/Shelby's mother) in Steel Magnolias. 


It's not like your little sister was on the 2012 winning State Floriculture team or anything.. I can name & identify over 100 flowers & I can make some bad a arrangements.. Just saying.

LOL. Very true small fry.

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