Lane & Ashton

Sunset, Camera, Action!

From the very beginning of mine and Lane’s relationship, I would take photos here and there. I am a BIG fan of what my little sister Savannah would call, “selfy” bathroom photos while posing and making duckface. It looks real sexy right? HA! Only self absorbed women in their 40’s who think they are 21 and 13 year olds trying to date a 17 year old take these types of photos. It’s hilarious to take a screen shot of their attempt of looking sexy and then passing it along to your friends. In fact, funny self photos (driving while in the car seatbelt head shots and photos taken of the eyes down included) and ridiculous facebook status screen shot forwarding is one of my favorite past times.


All joking aside I say that with this in mind: I would not consider myself or even Lane for that matter very photogenic. (You should see the bad pictures we took with Erin... HILARIOUS!) I knew when I told Lane that we needed to find someone to take pictures for the day of the wedding, engagement photos, my bridal portraits, and for our “Save the Date” magnets he would not be thrilled. Shoot, it is always a pain for him to take a quick Iphone picture of us even doing something together. I am not sure if this is a “man” thing or what but my brother was the same way. He would tap his foot, sigh, and only cooperate for like 5 minutes and then he was done. Lane and Scott are a lot alike in many ways. I on the other hand, don’t really care to have my picture taken as long as I have make-up on, and I don’t have a double chin, muffin top, and at least have sexy wind blown hair of some sort. It’s not my favorite thing, but I can handle it okay.


However, with our *thrill* of us posing for pictures; the planets aligned and everything went great! My precious friend Erin Horn took some breath taking save-the-date photos around downtown Adkins and down some random road. She is really gifted at what she does. Erin also let me in on a little secret… her man hates photos too. So it’s not just Lane. It must be a “man” thing.


Overall we got some great photos and don’t even know which one to choose for our magnet that I can’t wait to send out. But more importantly, I appreciate her making me look skinny. HA!


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