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Say Yes to the Dress.... or not. Okay, Yes on the flowers.

Well, I guess its time for an update! The save-the-date magnets are out and of course I am thinking of at least ten people a day that I need to add to the invitation list. Or I read through it again, and I’m like, “Wait, I thought I had their address!?!!” It’s so hard getting addresses! Really, it’s a big pain in the ass honestly. But on the bright side, sweet Lane has helped me tremendously on getting people on the list. We add several daily though so this guest list keeps growing and growing and growing….


As far as flowers are concerned; I think that I have settled somewhat on the colors and arrangements that I like. –Although let me add that I don’t know what they are in this picture so if anyone knows your knowledge would be highly appreciated. HA! I do know that several of them are roses obviously… peonies too? Maybe throw some baby’s breath and white snap dragons to give the bouquets and centerpieces that wildwood country look… and add burlap instead of that orange material on there… and BOOM! We have it!


On another note, I have begun the wedding dress shopping. I won’t go into a long drawn out story about what/when/where but I will say that it has been eye opening. The first day Kim (Lane’s Momma) went with me to David’s Bridal and we had a good time looking through the dresses. I saw several dresses that I really liked, but nothing that gave me that “WOW! This is my dress!” factor. I believe that does actually exist. If I could give any advice it is to stick to your guns. The bridal “consultants” put a veil on you when you have a somewhat decent dress on… in hopes that the veil seals the deal. Let me just tell you ladies, stick to those guns! Don’t fall for their tricks! HA!


After the trip to Little Rock I was almost bummed that I didn’t find “the one.” Or really a dress that just wowed me over. However, I did have a better insight on wedding dresses if I learned anything from our tip. Tighter dresses surprisingly look better on me I learned… and bigger dresses make me look bigger. Something that I DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN! I got on Pinterest and surfed the internet for several styles that I knew looked good on me. Now I have a vision of what I want to look like unlike days before…and after visiting David’s Bridal a few days later I went to Ann’s Bridal in Searcy!


Searcy was worth the trip alone just because I called up my precious friend from college, James Sawyer. He has a knack for fashion and catty snide remarks that make me laugh so hard that tears run down my leg. It had been too long since we had seen each other and he lives in the area so it was a no brainer. James met me at Ann’s Bridal for a dress extravaganza and after that we shopped at Hays. (My favorite store in the whole wide world.) I found a couple dresses there that I liked... but still not one that made say, “This is it!”


Deep down all I really want is for while I am walking down the aisle, Lane to think and say to himself; “That is the world’s most beautiful woman. She is mine. I am hers. And I love her more than anything.”


Maybe he does think that already though without the dress. After all, he popped the question right?

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