Lane & Ashton

I said, YES... to the DRESS!

I was so anxious as Friday night just thinking about what was to come the next day. I have heard so many great things about Lows Bridal in Brinkley. Many of my sorority sisters, friends, and other random folks I would run into would just brag and brag about the selection of beautiful gowns in all sizes and budgets at Lows Bridal.

The nerdy girl inside prevailed and looked on Google at reviews of the store and I didn’t really know what to think after. But really, the people who write reviews are usually the people who had a bad experience if you think about it. I was nervous after reading what people were saying, some good… some bad but  after a couple of trips at different boutiques I realized I had nothing to lose and as everyone said, I should go just for the experience.

Bright and early, my mom, Grandi and I left for Brinkley at 7 am. Our appointment was at 9.

Word to the wise –If you schedule an appointment at Lows -MAKE IT AT 9:00 AM. They give you an hour and a half for your appointment, but if you are indecisive like me, you will need longer. Take your time. I went over my time...  But honestly I didn’t care. I am not sure if my consultant was on time for her next appointment, but trust me you will not want to be rushed.  In my opinion, they are about to sell a  $1600 more or less gown, they can take an extra 30 minutes to help you and ensure you are in love with your decision.  Finding the dress and purchasing the dang thing is a big investment! Nancy, my consultant was great. She was also patient with my family and me.

My bridal gown is absolutely beautiful. At first, they tell you that you can only bring 3 in the dressing room, and I remember looking at my gown on the hanger… confused if I really wanted to try it on because it was a little over my budget. It was also dress number 4 that I saw. She said, if you like it, we’ll go ahead and take it back. It will be fine. I took a minute and looked at the dress… price tag… the dress again… and thought… its sooooo pretty. What the heck, why not.

When we got back to the dressing area, let me tell you, it’s somewhat awkward. You are in the tiny room with your consultant and you are just out there in your birthday suit for her to see. I am so modest so this was different. After you get over the shyness, you rock and roll through each dress.

The first dress was straight out of a magazine that I had found and it was so classy. However, I wasn’t quite sold on it… The second was a no go. Then, here came the third.

It was everything I wanted in a dress. It made me feel so beautiful and I knew it was a top contender for me to take home. However, you can’t just try on 3 when you go… so I tried on about 10 more. HA! After about the 9th, I kept going back to the third in my mind. I knew I needed to put it on again.

When I came out again in dress number 3…. I knew that was it. I felt so pretty and like a southern belle bride. I knew when I looked in the mirror, that Lane would absolutely think I was the prettiest girl in the world. I knew it was what I wanted to take home.

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