Lane & Ashton

"One-a-day" Wedding Projects

My "one-a-day" wedding day project has been successful. Basically, this is like a mental thing I am doing so I can prepare for the wedding day. For example... one day I made the ceremony programs on my computer. One day we had them printed. One day we glued them together along with the wooden handle for fans.... One day I painted signs... One day I made bouquets.. you get the picture. One of my biggest undertakings recently was to make my aisle runner. 40 feet of burlap! It was a three day project because I would have to glue lace along the edges of the burlap and painted a big "P" on the front. It was very time consuming... but I am extremely proud of the outcome. It looks great! Yesterday, Crystal and I went up to our venue to make a blue print of where everything will go. I think if I draw it out for everyone helping set up; I wont seem like a total bridezilla. When someone asks me where something goes... I can just say, "Refer to the Map my friend!" That will be a life saver. The fact I've made all of my stuff for the wedding has been time consuming to say the least. Overall it has deep down saved me money in the long run but I am thinking that I might get stuck with a lot of items and will need to have a big yard sale when it is over. HA! Here is my aisle runner that will only be looked at for a brief moment during the ceremony. But was worth making in my mind. LOL

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